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ATCS Global Growth Fuels Its Investment in India


ATCS (Advanced Technology Consulting Service Inc.), a provider of innovative data-driven decision making solutions for the automotive and healthcare sectors, announced strong global growth capping five years of India operations.

Addressing the media at their India headquarters in Jaipur, Manish Krishnan, CEO, ATCS Inc. said, “This year we saw another strong performance with our focused technology-driven innovations which we believe is being positively led by the innovative ideas, practices and products. We are now a CMMI Level 3 company. We must always look ahead and give our customers assurance that they are dealing with a trend setter in the areas of IT services and development to maintain a continuing steep growth trend. This allows us to add value to our customers making our solutions more attractive to the brands. Speed and Innovation is in our DNA now giving us a real competitive advantage.”

ATCS India team has been a key factor for the global expansion plan. It has been a true extension of the US, Germany and China teams offering cost advantages of India based outsourcing without diluting the speed and quality of delivery that needs close proximity to the clients. The company is continuously developing their Jaipur and Mumbai operations as innovation hubs to retain staff while recruiting new highly talented and motivated professionals.

Sanjul Vaish, CEO of ATCS India said, “To work with Fortune 500 clients across the globe, we need a solid ground, immense confidence with which the front-ending units can make a firm handshake for the business deals. We at the India operations have been able to establish that. ATCS has marked an incredible growth in a short time. Today, we have strength of 100+ employees. This could happen only because of the culture we were able to create and sustain. We created a platform for a faster learning curve for the starters to bridge gap in the required skills. This gave tremendous opportunities to the young professionals. The future looks bright with what we have achieved. Besides, speed and innovation have been our success factors. We strive to maintain what we have and make it more exciting.”

ATCS is investing in innovative workspaces and creating programs for its emerging leaders to keep up with the fast paced demands of global clients. The company’s unique approach to outsourcing which includes high-definition video communication has been an integral contributor to the company’s growth story since 2010.

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