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Oracle Communications Launches Oracle Communications Analytics Product Portfolio


Oracle Communications has launched an expanded set of analytics capabilities in a newly formed product portfolio: introducing Oracle Communications Analytics. Combining new and existing analytics capabilities from Oracle Communications, the portfolio provides communications service providers (CSPs) with end-to-end, communications-specific analytics functionality for data integration, big data, data warehousing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics ultimately enabling them to better leverage and monetize their data by correlating network, service, and subscriber information.

The portfolio includes four new products: Oracle Communications Customer Experience Analytics application, Oracle Communications Network Assurance Analytics application, Oracle Communications Analytics Big Data Platform, and Oracle Communications Analytics Diameter Adapter. Also included are new releases of existing products such as Oracle Communications Data Model.

To help facilitate near-real-time access to customer data, Oracle Communications Customer Experience Analytics provides CSPs’ customer-facing employees with immediate access to meaningful and relevant information in a single dashboard.With this comprehensive perspective offering views that can drill down to an individual customer, CSPs can provide customer service representatives with timely, 360-degree views of customers, improve customer retention processes;support revenue and margin growth targets;enable customer segmentation at granular levels.

With the increase in Diameter signaling traffic, CSPs need to facilitate the required network and service improvements. Oracle Communications Network Assurance Analytics can provide insights into critical Diameter network performance, enabling CSPs to: quickly identify network service degradation and outages; predict and prevent network service issues and outages; act on insights to network security; offer additional data points to help drive the success of advanced marketing initiatives; ensure that multivendor analytics deployments work together properlyImprove capacity planning processes.

Oracle Communications Analytics Big Data Platform
CSPs need to be ready to address the volume, variety, and velocity of both structured and unstructured data. Oracle Communications Analytics Big Data Platform is designed to further extend the data ingestion capabilities of the Oracle Communications Analytics portfolio and enables CSPs to: facilitate quick time to market for solutions that solve CSP business problems; solve long-standing CSP challenges by analyzing large volumes of data and providing real-time answers; reduce big data technology complexity and resource skill-set needs; leverage prebuilt big data adapters and analytics applications for core network elements and protocols;
align IT with a consistent and coherent preintegrated architecture leveraging big data, data warehouse, and advanced analytics best practices.

Oracle Communications Analytics Diameter Adapteris a  new adapter receives streaming feed from Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router or Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center in the form of structured Diameter data records. Prebuilt ingestion processes attach metadata and load records into Oracle Communications Analytics Big Data Platform.

“As the telecommunications industry accelerates its rate of change, it’s critical that CSPs leverage and monetize their network, service, and customer information,” said Clare McCarthy, practice leader, Telecom Operations and IT, Ovum. “To do so, they must first design analytics solutions that address their business problems in real time and integrate them with existing data warehouse and analytics solutions. The latest releases of Oracle Communications Analytics products respond to this need and can provide value to CSPs looking to advance their big data and analytics efforts.”

“CSPs have an advantage they have a lot of data about how their network operates and the kinds of experiences that customers are having. But without the right big data and analytics tools, the data will remain unused and siloed in various systems,” said Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. “Our expanded Oracle Communications Analytics portfolio is designed with this challenge in mind, offering the broader Oracle expertise in big data as well as the industry-specific understanding of the communications market.”

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