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Tripp Lite Introduces the First Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit Designed to Cool IT Equipment


The SRCOOL7KRM rack-mounted AC unit provides highly efficient, close-coupled cooling for equipment inside a rack enclosure installed in a server room, main distribution frame or data center. Its EIA-compliant rack-mount form factor doesn’t require additional floor space, and IT staff can install the SRCOOL7KRM as easily as any other rack-mountable equipment. A built-in evaporator eliminates condensation so there is no need for a floor drain or water collection tank.

The SRCOOL7KRM rack-mounted AC unit is engineered for IT applications. The unit supports unattended startup and shutdown, including automatic restart after a power outage. With the optional SRCOOLNET2 remote management accessory, users can monitor temperatures and control settings from anywhere via an Ethernet connection.

Key Features are- Saving valuable floor space in IT environments; Saving energy using highly efficient close-coupled cooling;Providing 7,000 BTU/h (2.0 kW) of cooling power;compatible with any EIA-compliant rack enclosure; Supports unattended startup and shutdown; restarts automatically after power failures;allows users to monitor temperatures, receive alerts, review logs and control settings from any location with the optional SRCOOLNET2 network management accessory.

“We’re excited to introduce this IT-focused rack-mounted air conditioning unit,” said Craig Watkins, Tripp Lite Product Manager. “The combination of space savings, highly efficient operation and IT-friendly features makes the new SRCOOL7KRM rack-mounted AC unit ideal for any IT environment that suffers from lack of floor space and insufficient cooling.”

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