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ZyXEL’s Next-Gen UTM Firewalls to Integrate Kaspersky Lab’s Technologies

by CioAxis

ZyXEL Communications and Kaspersky Lab are delighted to announce that ZyXEL’s newly introduced line of next-generation UTM firewalls integrates Kaspersky Lab’s breakthrough anti-malware technologies.The companies’ long-term cooperation and ultimate integration present comprehensive real-time protection against malware threats for business networks.

ZyXEL is a global leader in broadband networking technology, providing a wide portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers to small- and medium-sized businesses and home users.

ZyXEL’s USG series is arranged into three categories:

  • Extreme (USG1100 and USG1900), which provides high availability, robust service and simplified management for medium to large businesses;
  • Advanced (USG 110, USG210, and USG310), which offers specific features to provide secure and always-online network protection for small-to-medium-sized businesses;
  • Performance (USG40, USG40W, USG60, and USG60W) that offers truly integrated security for remote offices, retail locations and small businesses.

All the USG lines are equipped with Kaspersky SafeStream II technology, which enables system administrators to achieve the best level of security within their networks without hampering performance and quality of service.

By taking full advantage of Kaspersky Lab’s cloud-enabled security intelligence, SafeStream II can filter the most dangerous and widespread malware from network traffic at wire speed. Among the threats successfully blocked by ZyXEL’s gateways empowered by Kaspersky SafeStream II are viruses, worms, Trojans, zero-day exploits, malicious web-sites and harmful HTML scripts, and malicious mobile applications.

“In today’s information-intense digital environment there’s always a huge amount of network traffic that has to be handled efficiently, precisely and safely. Our technology solution,integrated into the hardware of ZyXEL’s gateways along with constantly updated signature databases, allows us to filter the majority of malicious objects from network traffic with sufficient speed and precision to ensure peace of mind for network users and administrators”, said Nikita Shvetsov, acting Chief Technology Officer, Kaspersky Lab.

“Kaspersky Lab is a reliable long-term partner whose advanced technologies provide complete anti-malware protection in our USG series. Powered by SafeStream II, the ZyXEL USG series offers strong protection at the gateway level, preventing security threats caused by careless out-of-date endpoints or new devices that lack protection software. ZyXEL will continue to closely integrate Kaspersky Lab’s new technologies into our security appliances, facilitating robust, up-to-date protection for our customers’ business networks,” said Wayne Hwang, AVP of Gateway Strategic BU, ZyXEL.


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