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Fitterfly Launches AI-enabled Chatbot for Managing Diabetes Efficiently

by CIOAXIS Bureau

India is at the brink of a diabetes epidemic, with over 101 million people living with diabetes and over 130 million with a very high risk of developing it in the next 5 years. Despite advances in healthcare, the world is staring at a ticking time bomb that threatens the ability of India to benefit from the demographic dividend.

There are huge gaps in conventional care, which digital therapeutic solutions, with a combination of human and tech interventions, are trying to solve. However, the problem at hand needs an additional solution that can operate efficiently at scale, is hyper personalised, intelligent and accessible for the masses.

Introducing JEDi — a state-of-the-art empathetic conversational coaching AI developed by the X-labs Innovation team at Fitterfly. JEDi aims to provide users with reliable and empathetic assistance in managing their nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being in a structured 28-day regimen, built as a game. It analyses user responses, health data, and preferences to offer customised advice and nudges towards healthier habits.

The JEDi architecture is hybrid with rule-based NLP on an Expert system foundation complemented with large language models (LLMs). It’s connected to the Fitterfly knowledge base which powers our therapies,” said Ammar Jagirdar, Head – X Labs at Fitterfly, “Inspired by our coaches, I deliberately refer to JEDi as ‘her’ to emphasise the nuanced personality we’ve developed that prioritises patient care and outcomes above all. This personality ensures that subscribing members engage with her daily for improved health, while maintaining an awareness that she is more than just an AI coach or agent — she’s a partner in their wellbeing.

JEDi is now available for use on the Fitterfly Metabolic Health app. The modules of JEDi will also be available as plug and play solutions for corporates to support employee wellness. We also foresee a role for JEDi to play in patient support programs and as an add on value-based service offered by insurance companies.

Shailesh Gupta, COO and co-founder of Fitterfly, said, “JEDi is the first product from Fitterfly’s Innovation Lab and demonstrates our strong belief in utilising AI in Digital Therapeutics for better patient outcomes. I strongly believe that by leveraging the power of AI, we will be able to provide solutions that work at scale.

JEDi will offer seamless integration with healthcare systems, provide data-driven insights with better outcomes empowering patient self management and cost-efficient healthcare with an aim to help reduce the diabetes burden of India.

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