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MoEngage Launches New Industry-First Products At MoEngage NEXT 2024

by CIOAXIS Bureau

MoEngage announced new industry-first products to help consumer brands activate data, make informed decisions, and deliver memorable experiences during the Spring edition of MoEngage NEXT 2024.

Enabling brands to go live with powerful website experiments at scaleMoEngage’s Server-Side Personalisation makes it easier for website visitors to find what they need, browse through your product catalog, and make a purchase seamlessly.

This new, industry-first feature, allows brands to go live with complex experiments and personalisation campaigns at scale. Server-Side Personalisation’s multi-channel experimentation flexibility powers brands to test multiple combinations of navigational options, use data and insights to make an informed decision, and pick the right recommendation model for each website visitor.

Empowering brands to activate warehouse data effortlessly and securely
In today’s digital world, customer data is scattered across multiple sources. To run effective Customer Engagement campaigns, brands need easy access to this unified data. However, current legacy Customer Engagement Platforms do not allow seamless access to data from these cloud data sources.

MoEngage has evolved into a Warehouse-native Customer Engagement platform. This means brands can directly access and activate their warehouse and cloud storage data.

With MoEngage’s Warehouse Audiences, brands can query data and create customer segments on the fly, without any data syncing hassles. This new product saves extensive costs by eliminating a brand’s need to reverse ETL and reducing development dependencies.

Allowing brands to reduce costs associated with critical alerts
Customers today expect real-time updates from brands at every stage of purchase – from order confirmations to shipping updates to final delivery confirmations. Critical messages such as OTPs, payment reminders, or subscription renewal updates are also expected to be delivered in real-time.

To meet these customer expectations and be as transparent as they can, brands often send the same message across multiple channels. With MoEngage Inform’s Smart Send, brands now have the flexibility to prioritise communication channels for transactional messages.

Smart Send helps brands create a fallback mechanism in case of delivery failures and reduce costs by eliminating duplicate alerts over paid channels such as Emails and SMS.

We are constantly solving critical challenges that restrict consumer brands from effectively retaining their customers. With these latest industry-first innovations, we aim to empower brands to deliver memorable experiences by activating customer data and making informed decisions.”, said Raviteja Dodda, the CEO and co-founder of MoEngage.

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