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Interview: Rajesh Panchal, CIO, Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Ltd


Rajesh Panchal, CIO, Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Ltd, speaks about the IT roadmap of the organization.

1. Of late, CIOs are transforming to become business strategists. What is your take on that?

Every organisation growth depends on IT adoption and how IT plays vital role in business strategies and go to market strategy. IT is backbone for business and new processes.

2. What’s the IT roadmap of Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection? Within your organisation, what is the most significant digital achievement of the past 12 months.

Multi company ERP consolidated to One ERP – SAP B1 HANA. Multi company processes, unique to each business now standardized, benefiting more focus on business rather than individual business requirement. Smooth of process and material movement due to standardized process. Visibility at one click for all location – Consolidated BS /P&L – TB, All key inventory reports etc.

Above are few key achievements with help of IT and digitalization.

3. What are your key priorities for 2020? Please tell us about ongoing projects.

Focus on Mfg process automation, QC process automation and integration with ERP. IOT, AI projects

4. How can disruptive technologies such as AI, IOT, blockchain, and Machine Learning, Big Data improve efficiencies and productivity?

In big way, study of key challenges will help in identifying and deploying right solution. Asking right question, and identifying user friendly solution.

5. With your experience of steering technology, can you please share some of the unique lessons learned?

Always take business team and leaders along with all I.T. projects.
Actually they are Business projects, Lead by Business and I.T. should facilitate them

Project has to be win – win for Business and I.T. towards organisation growth.

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