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Securonix Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with PwC India


This announcement is made to power and scale cyber protection and threat monitoring.

PwC India and Securonix, Inc., a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, announced that they have entered into a strategic technology partnership. PwC has chosen the Securonix security operations and analytics platform as its next-generation SIEM solution of choice as it continues to extend its operations with Cyber Protection Centers and Active Threat Monitoring programmes.

In order to meet the needs of today’s security and human resource challenges, organisations have turned to analytics and automated response. With a broadening attack landscape, new records for cyber risks, and a scarcity of experienced, affordable cybersecurity professionals, organisations have turned to analytics and automated response.

In India, PwC India Cyber Security Services provide unparalleled guidance, assurance, compliance to organizations, increasingly in the form of a trusted, and comprehensive managed security services partner (MSSP).

“The sheer complexity of cyber threats facing businesses today is impossible to manage without deep expertise and advanced technologies. It’s critical that organizations maintain focus on their core business, while partnering to maintain a consistent security posture and continued compliance,” said Sangram Gayal, Partner at PwC. “By offering top of the line SIEM through Securonix, we’re able to ensure comprehensive and scalable security for our customers in the complex threat landscape.”

Securonix’s Next-Gen SIEM is underpinned by big data collected in real-time and spans analytics, user behavior, threat detection, threat intelligence, and threat modeling.

PwC will be able to automate security operations for its customers as a result of this partnership, while also employing machine learning to identify priority risks originating both inside and outside of customer environments. This strategy places technology at the front lines, allowing humans to focus on more complex, value-added tasks while also offering increased visibility across the whole threat landscape through a single point of management.

“Both Securonix and PwC have embraced cloud-first and share the belief that this approach is the only way to meet the threat business face,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO, Securonix. “PwC India has also recognized the strength of Securonix’s vision, our deep threat research capabilities and unmatched technology differentiators, which we look forward to extending to its customers.”

“Our partnership with PwC India demonstrates Securonix’s rapid ascension in the Indian and SAARC market, both as a security solution provider, a platform rooted in data science, and threat research leader,” said Harshil Doshi, Director of Sales, Securonix. “The strength of our partnership will act as a force multiplier for our combined resources, which will greatly benefit both the Indian market and organizations globally.

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