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NEC Launches HEVC-compatible Ultra-low Delay Codec


NEC Corporation announced the global launch of the VC-870 encoder and VD-870 decoder, a series of ultra-low delay codec that enable real-time compression of full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixel) digital video. These new products support High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the latest international video coding standard, which doubles compression efficiency in comparison with the conventional H.264 standard.

Since the data volume required for a full HD video source is large, codecs are used for data compression when video data is transmitted via networks. Supporting the HEVC standard increases the compression efficiency of the new products, enabling them to deliver the same sized full HD video source at approximately half the bit rate when compared with NEC’s existing H.264-compatible products. This allows broadcast service providers to reduce OPEX for additional video transmission network infrastructure by improving the efficiency of network usage.

The VC-870 and VD-870 also apply NEC’s unique compression technologies to achieve encoding and decoding of full HD video at low latency of approximately 20 milliseconds. This ultra-low delay feature makes these products ideal for handling situations where a real-time response is required, such as in live broadcasts from remote locations, or when remotely operating moveable cameras while viewing an incoming video feed.

In addition, these new products support the MPEG4-AAC ELD standard for the first time in the NEC codec portfolio, achieving low delay compression of audio data. This enables the amount of bit rate allocated for the transmission of audio data to be reduced, allowing a greater portion of bit rate to be allocated to video data, and therefore resulting in transmission of higher quality video.

“NEC is a leading innovator in the field of video compression through the provision of cutting edge products and solutions, such as the world’s first commercial HEVC-compatible real-time encoder for 4K video marketed last year. We are confident that, with today’s addition, more broadcasters and content providers will benefit from real-time transmission of full HD video sources,” said Tooru Watanabe, General Manager, Broadcast and Media Division, NEC Corporation.

NEC will showcase its latest broadcasting technologies and solutions, including the VC-870 and VD-870, at IBC 2015, Europe’s largest trade show for the electronic media and entertainment industry, which is to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 11 to 15, 2015.

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