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Absolutdata presents award-winning AI paper at ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2019


The company’s solution focuses on combining AI and research expertise to effectively leverage archives of past data for informed decision-making

Absolutdata recently presented its award-winning paper at the prestigious ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2019, on May 24, 2019. This year, the 20th edition of the event was held at Macau and was attended by over 350 professionals from various industries and across agencies.

At the event, themed ‘Celebrating Impact’, Absolutdata presented its paper titled ‘Atlantis Reloaded: An AI-Enabled Insights Journey’. The paper focuses on the impact of combining Artificial Intelligence with research expertise to create a platform for real-time insights.

For the solution, Absolutdata created a knowledge-hive based on their proprietary Machine Learning (ML) algorithms as well as highly sophisticated IBM Watson APIs. Additionally, the company trained Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based bots to mine unstructured data in order to produce insights on-demand. By creatively leveraging traditional MR skills, the solution has made it possible to access and effectively use data from past knowledge to make better-informed current and future business decisions, anytime and anywhere.

ESOMAR, now in its 70th year, is a globally renowned association that represents the interests of the data, research, insights and analytics professions. The organisation is an internationally recognised leader for standards of quality and ethics. Every year, it brings together top innovators, influencers and insights professionals from across the globe to share their findings that will drive and facilitate impactful change in the industry today.

With Absolutdata’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science-based solutions, the company’s paper on AI-enabled insights takes a deep-dive into the innovative application of AI to assimilate, enrich and make both enterprise-wide data and past research accessible.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Anil Kaul, CEO, Absolutdata said, “Being a part of ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2019 gave us the opportunity to engage with a number of like-minded professionals in the field and share some useful insights. Our expertise in areas such as NLP applications for unstructured data mining, as demonstrated in our paper, enables us to create state-of-the-art solutions for businesses today, tailor-made to suit their individual requirements. ESOMAR is one of the most prestigious organisations in the research world, and we at Absolutdata feel honoured to have been able to present our solutionsat a platform of this scale.”

Since its inception in 2001, Absolutdata has emerged as a frontrunner in AI and Analytics based data-driven solutions to create business impact for companies across the globe. The paper that was presented has also won the best paper award for its solution at the 28th Annual Market Research Seminar held by the Market Research Society of India (MRSI). At ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2019 the paper was presented by Soumya Kanti Sarkar, Engagement Manager –Market Research, Absolutdata.

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