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Dhruv Khanna, CEO and Director, Data Resolve Technologies

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“Data Resolve mission is to monitor all end-points and provide control, reporting to users/organizations”

Data Resolve Technologies is started by group of alumni’s from IIT Kharagpur with client base on End-point Security Analytics in Indian and International market. An exclusive interview with Mr. Dhruv Khanna, CEO and Director at Data Resolve Technologies Pvt Ltd.

How is Data Resolve positioned in India as a pureplay security vendor?

inDefend Business is the next generation technology which uses Cyber security intelligence as a unique approach towards reducing the business risks of a company through intelligent analysis of the information flowing within and outside the company’s network.

It is just not a Data Leak Prevention Software, it’s a 360 degree approach to protect data from insider threats. inDefend is uniquely positioned to handle data throughout its lifecycle.

2) What are the major areas, Data Resolve currently focusing?

Data Resolve mission is to monitor all end-points and provide control, reporting to users/organizations. Our inDefend product offers:

Employee Monitoring & Behaviour Analysis: Detailed monitoring and controlling of the employee desktop and laptop activities in order to assess the employee behaviour.

Encryption: Ensuring data transferred to removable media stays protected in case of loss or theft attempts, by storing information in a password-protected and encrypted vault.

Asset Management: Monitoring and logging of the software and hardware assets used within the organization network, along with software license information management.

Data Leak Prevention & Analysis: Content-based policies for detection and prevention of confidential information being transmitted by employees via various channels. We built cyber analytics that provide analytics on Data Leak Prevention, Mobile Device Management, Information Rights Management and Employee Behaviour platform.

Employee Forensics: In depth analysis and detection of the employee malicious activities performed by employees via various channels, with inbuilt tools for performing extreme monitoring.

Mobile Workforce Management: Providing mobile data security and device management on smart phones and tablets accessing the corporate network.

Server Activity Monitoring: inDefend performs continuous screen monitoring at high frequency which can be seen as a movie. This will enhance the chances of capturing discrepancies during the connected session with server.

3) What is Cyber Intelligence report? What Value does CIR add in comparison to other threat intelligence reports available in cyber space?

Based on the data gathered by inDefend, we offer a reporting system called CI (Cyber Intelligence) Reporting for the management. Our intelligence is uniquely positioned to manage the issues handled by CXOs:

  • Provide real-time information on data leak in terms of who did what, how, when, what gone out. Getting this information is a nightmare in a traditional DLP approach. Today organizations with DLP running spend good amount of resources and time on the same.
  • Integrated reporting, blocking in real-time from DLP, MDM, IRM is next to impossible as today organization has multiple products for the same that are not truly integrated.
  • Cyber intelligence integrated with inDefend Cyber Seal provide business leaders view in terms of who did what and how without getting the same enforced from DLP or from IT team. This is very important as business own information not IT team.
  • One of the most critical is to detect human behavior well before incidents, all existing tools fails to deliver the same. inDefend reports this to business user and management to take actions well in advance as and when context rule matches.
  • Last would like to highlight is co-creation of engine and reporting system that delivers unique value to business and well integrates with company’s culture.

This is uniquely positioned for companies already running DLP suite from existing vendors.

4) What has been your leadership thought in terms of Data security solution?

Data Resolve Technologies is adding various components to their platform to cover social, mobile, web, email, cloud related issues. They are working on enhancing their analytics. Integration with dropbox, google-docs, IRM products. Building security adaptors for Apple, Android, Ubuntu, Windows Mobile etc.

5) CISOs are not preferring isolated solutions any more. They expect an integrated solution architecture from vendors. Can Data Resolve address that?

Yes, this is unique to Data Resolve where we have integrated all this on a common dashboard. Our all modules are integrated, one client, one analytics dashboard, no server. We have seen organizations replacing disparate end-points with inDefend because it delivers ROI to client and offer flexibility to integrate with existing Vendor products.

6) Managing multi-layered security approaches has been a challenge to CISOs. What can Data Resolve do to address this concern?

Our approach is to manage security threats from end-points only, under internal threat research and report its clearly identified end-user plays an important role hence our architecture is uniquely created for end-points.

7) A plethora of mobile devices besides different smart mobile applications, mobile security has been a challenge to organizations. What is your approach in this domain?

Very important point touched upon, inDefend is uniquely positioned to handle the same from a single analytics dashboard for disparate mobile devices. It goes beyond MDM and offers employee behaviour, analytics, and also cover aspects related data leak, data loss, filtering control.

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