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EverestIMS wins Go Global Award 2019 in IT Services, Asia Pacific


EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd (Everest), an Indian product company with a rich market experience in the I&O and Digital Transformation space recently received the Go Global Award 2019 in the category of ‘Information Technology Services, Asia Pacific’ by the International Trade Council.

The International Trade Council Go Global Award runs a survey and recognizes the companies which are ‘going global’ through its initiatives and business services, aiming at digital transformation. It brings together hundreds of senior executives from some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers, re-manufacturers and exporters, along with representatives from government bodies, trade associations, venture capital firms and financial institutions.

EverestIMS was awarded for its powerful and advanced digital transformation services offered through the Infraon Product Suite which provides integrated IT solutions to empower corporations and enterprises to deliver enhanced services to their end-users through the Digital Transformation paradigm. The Infraon Product Suite, comprises Infraon IMS, Infraon NCCM, Infraon DESK, Infraon IoTMS and Infraon UNMS.

Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS received the award in Chicago and said, “EverestIMS Technologies has added one more feature to its cap. We are glad to receive the Go Global Award 2019 on the journey towards digital transformation. The award is an acknowledgement for our innovative digital strategies and products for the industry. It will also add a badge of quality to our business and will help in sending a positive message to our customers, stakeholders and partners. The awards program provided us a platform to put forward our objectives and ambitions. We look forward to further promote our services and products locally and globally, through our potential trade roadmap”

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