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Microsoft Windows 10 getting virtual trackpad with new update


Microsoft detailed its Creators Update for Windows 10 last month, showcasing all the new features coming to the ecosystem in March, 2017. While Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update focused on new 3D features, it seems that the company is also focused on enhancing the tablet function. Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14965 today, which brings a new virtual trackpad to the operating system.

Microsoft’s virtual trackpad is intended to be used as a control for external monitors from a tablet, without connecting a mouse. The new virtual touchpad, when enabled, resides on the taskbar and provides a virtual trackpad on the screen. It works like any other trackpad with right click and left click options. Microsoft says that the trackpad settings can be further tweaked from the main settings panel.

The addition of the new trackpad will be appreciated by people who regularly use a Windows 10 tablet which is definitely not a lot. Microsoft is also bringing enhancements to Sticky Notes and Windows Ink, with this update.

Sticky Notes on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14965 now supports more languages and regions with ability to recognise emails, URLs, phone numbers, addresses and stocks using Microsoft Insights. The whole UI is also polished for a faster performance. With Windows Ink, Microsoft is increasing the number of recently used apps in the Ink Worskpace to six. Windows Ink workspace now brings quick access to pen settings and an updated protractor, which can be expanded or shrinked using the scroll-wheel.

Other additions to Windows Ink includes performance improvements for Sketchpad and link to the handwriting training tool. The new improvements are only incremental, but try to address specific use case.

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