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R&M Introduces New Mechanism for MPO and LC Connectors


R&M is helping users ensure simpler insertion and removal of FO patch cords. Network technicians also operate the new push-pull mechanism for MPO and LC connectors using the rear strain relief sleeve. The recently launched technology is called QuickRelease, or QR for short. It helps increase the packing density of FO ports in network cabinets without having to make any compromises in terms of operability. R&M is the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures based in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

The functions of the strain relief sleeve of the QR connectors have been extended. The strain relief sleeve now not only serves as radius limitation and of course strain relief sleeve, but can also be used as a control element. It guides the plug. Network technicians slide and pull back the strain relief sleeve to lock or release the QR connector in the patch panel. With the QR mechanism, the distance between the coupling windows which used to be required for the handle is now no longer necessary. In the case of MPO-QR connections, the packing density thus increases to 120 ports per height unit, 50% more than with conventional patch panels. The LC-QR duplex also enables a packing density of 120 ports or 240 fibers per height unit. This means that up to 10,080 fibers can be connected in a network cabinet with 42 height units.

For data centers this means: They make better use of the racks. The network infrastructure can be scaled to save space enabling the construction of spine-leaf architectures for faster data traffic.

There are QR variants for patch cords with MPO, LC simplex, LC duplex and LC Uniboot connectors. R&M specifies the QR connectors for all typical use scenarios. The MPO-QR is compatible with MPO/MTP® connectors made by other manufacturers. It supports singlemode and multimode fibers of the categories OS2, OM3, OM4 and OM5. R&M assembles the MPO-QR with 2-millimeter patch cords and the LC-QR duplex with 1.4-millimeter cables.

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