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Vertiv Unveils Intelligent Fingerprint Rack Access Control System, a Next-Generation Data Center Security Solution in India


Vertiv has announced the launch of the Vertiv Intelligent Fingerprint Rack Access Control System (iFACS). The integrated Internet Protocol (IP) based access control solution is designed to physically secure the racks housing mission critical equipment, assets, and enterprise data. The Vertiv iFACS is available now in India.

The Vertiv iFACS is a lock controller designed to secure both the front and back doors of rack enclosures, and was developed with the latest in biometric technology and identity authentication. It simplifies operations by automating physical access monitoring, making it easy to retrofit into Vertiv™ VR rack, Vertiv™ VE rack, or any pre-existing rack. The solution allows expansion to multiple racks with simple plug-and-play provision, eliminating the need for costly customization on rack cabinets.

“A recent study by Ponemon Institute found that core data centers experienced an average of 2.4 total facility shutdowns per year with an average duration of more than two hours. These downtime events could impact a business not only in terms of operations but financially as well. The study found that improved security practices is one of the primary steps that could be undertaken to prevent unplanned outages. With data usage increasing the loads on data centers, it is imperative to secure data center sites, now more than ever,” said Smrutiranjan Das, senior director – ITMS & racks sales Asia & India at Vertiv. “We’re happy to be launching the Vertiv iFACS rack locking system to provide our customers with an option to increase rack security and enable business continuity.”

The Vertiv iFACS functions as a cohesive system, seamlessly integrating all access control-related components on the rack, such as electromechanical locks, door switches, fingerprint controllers, and lock power management. Customers may configure the master fingerprint controller to choose between individual rack-based access control and complete aisle-based access control.

Major banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) players in India have already seen the benefits of the Vertiv iFACS solution. The ability of the Vertiv iFACS rack locking systems to deliver data via transmission control/internet protocol (TCP/IP) – modbus protocol, allowing integration with client building management systems (BMS)/data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems, is one of its most creative characteristics. The device can also set and update its IP address, removing the need for a computer to perform these changes. The keypad also enables offline access to controller information, and even if the network fails, the controller will continue to function and collect access records. The Vertiv iFACS also offers power redundancy, continuing to offer security during power outages.

With email and SMS configuration for unauthorized access alerts, its software allows businesses to stay on top of security and quickly respond to any potential threats. Additionally, the software provides automatic and manual database backup on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and allows for restricted access for specific users at specific doors.


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