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Citrix Closes Acquisition of Wrike


Union creates industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based platform for secure workspace delivery and collaborative work execution

Citrix Systems has completed its acquisition of Wrike, a leading provider of SaaS collaborative work management solutions, for approximately $2.25 billion in cash. Through the acquisition, Citrix will deliver the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based work platform to empower all employees and teams to securely access, collaborate and execute all work types in the most efficient and effective way possible — across any work channel, device, or location.

Delivering the Future of Work

“For more than three decades, Citrix has been a leader in providing digital workspace infrastructure that empowers IT organizations to securely deliver the apps, content and business services employees need to do their jobs,” said David Henshall, President and CEO, Citrix. “With the addition of Wrike’s collaborative work management capabilities, which leading companies like Walmart, Fitbit, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Chosen Foods, and many others rely on to foster more efficient and collaborative work execution, we can take things to the next level and enable people, teams, and organizations to perform at their best.”

Transforming the Employee Experience

Digitization and the adoption of flexible and hybrid work models continues to accelerate. But complex and distributed work environments are cluttered with a heterogeneous array of applications, communication channels and devices that disrupt employees and get in the way of efficient and meaningful work.

“The need to provide a secure and simplified work experience for employees has never been more critical,” said Mark Bowker, senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. “To keep employees engaged and productive in today’s hybrid work environment, companies need to not only provide secure and reliable access to the resources they need to do their jobs, but tools that enable them to work more efficiently and effectively across work channels, devices and locations.”
With Citrix and Wrike, they can.

Simplifying Work

Citrix Workspace is unique in its ability to unify and secure work resources and streamline workflows across work types. With Wrike, Citrix will further enhance its capabilities with a best-in-class collaborative work management solution for project-based work, portfolio management and other collaborative work types.

By bringing together Wrikeand the Citrix Workspace, Citrix will provide a true digital work platform that transforms how work gets done via:

  • Secure delivery of all work resources, including SaaS apps, web apps, mobile apps, virtual desktops, content and business services
  • Native aggregation and integrations for apps, content, data, projects and workflows
  • Built-in low code/no-code tooling for workflow automation
  • Powerful project and work management tools to execute various levels of work across the enterprise – from portfolio planning with strategy / goal planning, to project planning with capacity planning, project execution and project insight and analytics

“Innovative companies understand that to power the modern, agile enterprise, they must transform the way their employees work,” said Andrew Filev, Senior Vice President and Wrike General Manager, Citrix. “In combining Wrike’s collaborative work management innovations with Citrix Workspace, we can deliver an experience-driven work platform that enables businesses to quickly adapt to changing work styles and business needs and their employees to do the best work of their lives.”

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