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TCS Partners with Aurus


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), today announced partnership with Aurus, Inc.,to deliver payment solutions for retailers using TCS OmniStore, a first of its kind Unified Store Commerce Platform. The omnichannel payment solution facilitates transactions across channels and delivers unmatched convenience and security to both end consumers and retailers.

TCS OmniStore is a micro-services based modern unified store commerce platform  that replaces legacy POS platforms and helps retailers seamlessly orchestrate omnichannel journeys for consumers, while reducing total cost of ownership and simplifying cross-channel processes. AurusPay drives unmatched payments innovation including the ability to handle seamless omnichannel payments workflows such as combining online orders for pick up in store with in-store transactions and cross-channel fulfillment through a single cross channel token.

Through this partnership with Aurus, retailers using TCS OmniStore will be able to easily process multiple payments across channels. Managing payments innovation, security and regulatory bottlenecks was typically a huge inhibitor for change, however, the AurusPay partnership enables payments simplification while enhancing security.

“We are thrilled to partner with TCS OmniStore as it alignes with our vision to drive innovation for forward thinking retailers,” said Mustafa Shehabi, Chief Business Development Officer at Aurus. “AurusPay and OmniStore together solve the age old problem of innovation at POS without getting tangled into the complexity of payments. Aurus brings over 15 years of payments experience within retail to deliver a single platform solution for secure omnichannel payments.”

“As a strategic vendor to many of the world’s leading retail brands, TCS has a unique vantage point with a ringside view to the challenges faced by retailers in enabling an omnichannel experience,” said Pratik Pal, President of Retail and CPG at TCS. “Acting on our intimate understanding of challenges in the stores, TCS built OmniStore to transform store experiences and enable unified store commerce. Our partnership with Aurus will help ensure retailers have a consistent approach to omnichannel payments.”

OmniStore alleviates retailers’ current challenges with traditional Point of Sale (POS) platforms that are incapable of delivering an omnichannel customer experience. OmniStore is easily customizable and features an open standards aligned architecture and industry leading ARTS data models. Retailers using OmniStore are enabled to seamlessly orchestrate omni-channel journeys for their customers in store by unifying the cart, wish-lists and catalogs across channels and combining store and online orders. OmniStore is hardware agnostic and offers multiple deployment models (including cloud) without disrupting upgrades and support for all devices, including tablets, phones and registers.


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