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Yotta Infrastructure Announces Strategic Partnership with Pi


The alliance will give customers a single-window access to their Uptime Institute certified Tier IV data centers in India

Yotta Infrastructure and Pi have entered into a strategic partnership to offer data center and cloud services to their customers. The collaboration between the two entities makes the Indian market broader for the customers who will get access to the two Uptime Institute’s Tier IV design certified data centers in India, operated by Yotta NM1 and Pi.

As part of this partnership, the enterprise customers of both organisations will get access to the state-of-the-art facilities located in the Western and Southern regions of the country. The customers of Pi can utilise Yotta’s NM1 hyperscale data center facilities located at Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Similarly, the customers of Yotta can leverage Pi’s data center facilities located at Amravati, Andhra Pradesh and Kochi, Kerala.

At 820,000 sq. ft, 7,200 racks, 50 MW of power and four redundant self-owned fiber paths connecting the data center to national highways, Yotta NM1 offers a highly scalable data center infrastructure, capable of hosting global cloud, content and OTT operators besides the mission-critical applications of enterprises and governments. Along with colocation, Yotta also offers Yotta Cloud, and a full array of managed services for SAP, IT Management, IT Security, Network and Connectivity, High-Performance Computing as a Service, Cloud-hosted Desktop-as-a-Service, and many more emerging and disruptive solutions on the self-service pay-as-you-consume model.

On the other hand, the 500,000 square foot facility of Pi comes with a capacity of up to 5000 racks and has a dedicated on-site substation, with two separate power sources of 60 MW each. Pi is a 100% automated SCADA enabled data center facility. Apart from offering world-class colocation services, Pi offers an enterprise cloud platform called Harbour1®. Pi’s managed services offering ranges across compute, storage, business continuity, security, networking, SAP, data center advisory, cloud migration, cloud-hosted desktop as a service, database, DevOps, SOC set-up, Wi-fi on cloud, and Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIMS).

Speaking on this occasion, Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Yotta Infrastructure, said, “The Government of India’s vision is to make India a data refinery hub, which means data centers will play a crucial role. With enterprises and government emphasising on data localisation, we will witness a spurt in the demand of data centers and cloud facilities in the country. The partnership between Yotta and Pi will expand access to quality data centers for our customers. At the same time, both Yotta and Pi share the same vision of Self-Reliance. Coming together of the two Indian entities shows that the country is on a path of becoming Atmanirbhar to offer robust data center services.”

Sharing his views on this partnership, Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder & CEO, Pi, said, “As India is on the verge of becoming the largest data economies in the world, there is a critical need for the homegrown datacenter companies to collaborate in making India the globally preferred destination for hosting data. We see great synergies between Pi and Yotta, and we are excited to work together in redefining the future of the data center industry in the country.”

With the advent of digital technologies, both enterprises and government are undertaking rapid digitisation and transitioning to data center solutions. The massive growth of data, along with the need for adhering to the data localisation policies introduced by the RBI and the

Government of India will drive the consumption of hyperscale facilities in the country. With Yotta and Pi being the leading pioneers in creating hyperscale data center infrastructure in the country, they are cross leveraging each other’s strengths and poised to create a unique value proposition for their customers.

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