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The Growing Crime and Our Defence…


The Growing Crime and Our Defence…

The Covid Era has brought about a lot of changes in our life. In the Industrial and Corporate World it has led to digitalisation in many-a-ways in which we function. Work-from-home which was limited to a few sectors came open to nearly all the fields. Remote Working for some has become a new norm now with that Video Conferencing and Meetings held online has become a regular feature. And as each good and new thing has its benefits and drawbacks, moving online too has made our life easier and simpler in the way we function but at the same time has led to an immense need of securing the data. With the new procedure there is a lot of data that is shared online through the web, email, mobile devices, etc. This data is spread in various places which puts forth a huge challenge to secure it. Due to this, Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common in this modern digital world and can cause severe damage to individuals, businesses and government. There are many reasons why people launch Cyberattacks which can be for Financial Gains, Espionage, Activism and Sabotage. In all this DATA LOSS is the major threat.

A Cyberattack is an intentional effort to steal, expose, alter, disable or destroy data/applications/assets through unauthorized access to a network, computer system or digital device. It is a malicious and a deliberate attempt by an individual or an organization to breach the information/data of another individual or organization. The person who plans the attack is called a Hacker or an Attacker. Cyberattacks can have several negative effects, it leads to data breaches that results in data loss or data manipulation. Due to this, Organizations incur Financial Losses, Customers trust gets hampered and there is reputational damage. Our systems must have a good cybersecurity plan to prevent such attacks. Firewalls are not enough to secure your systems and now-a-days with the increasing number of cyberattacks a good and a holistic security solution is the need of the hour. Most essential is to protect our systems from Data Exfiltration. Our systems have a lot of confidential data stored on it which needs to be safeguarded.

There is Customers or Clients Personal as well as Financial Information, Company’s secrets, etc. For all this we need a good software that guards our data and warns us timely regarding any data breach or loss.

To ease out your hunt for a good programme to secure your system, I introduce inDefend to you which is a Business Suite which offers full security against Data Exfiltration and at the same time enables you to monitor your employees whether in office or working remotely.

inDefenda single application that helps you to protect data loss at all end-points, servers.

  • It assesses the system and identifies where all the sensitive data is stored and forms a protective shield around it with a limited access.
  • All the sensitive information is encrypted.
  • Transfer of any such data through any resource and to any device raises an alarm.
  • It helps us to monitor and support the trend of BYOD as well.
  • It maintains a log of all the transactions of the employees and has an account of all the data uploaded and downloaded.
  • Internet Access is restricted to few with selected permissions.
  • Application Sandboxing is supported by this which blocks sites such as Social Media and sites irrelevant to the business.
  • It offers screen-shot facility that helps us to hold an employee accountable for any violation.
  • Outbound data through any resource such as the Web, Email, USB or Printer Gateway is guarded and recorded.
  • Monitors the employees by keeping a log of all the sites visited by them, the data uploaded/downloaded, their productive time, etc.
  • It sends out real time alerts that notify any probability of data loss. And it does all this from a single dashboard that makes it easier to check and track.

This Business Suite, inDefend is a product of DATA RESOLVE TECHONOLOGIES which is Threat management Company.

To know more, and to keep your worries aside about cybersecurity do contact us & BOOK A FREE DEMO here: https://cioaxis.com/dataresolve/free-trial.html

By: Dipanjan Biswas, Co-Founder and CTO, Dataresolve Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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