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Electronic Waste: An Issue That Requires Attention


Information technology has brought us all kinds of breakthrough products. Think of a GPS device, which lets you smoothly navigate the world or the computers that form the backbone of any modern enterprise. Unfortunately, Information technology has a flip side to i.e. electronic waste.


The IT industry creates a lot of waste; this is known as electronic waste or E-waste. The E-waste consists of defective or obsolete electrical and electronic devices. The major issue with E-waste is that it contains heavy metals like lead, cadmium and beryllium is huge quantities. These elements pose a threat to ecological balance, without proper e-waste management system, these electronic parts/gadgets find their way to open landfill. Third world countries are usually the culprits with no proper way to dispose of the electronic waste.

50 Million Tons

According to researchers, Sthiannopkao S and M. H. Wong 50 million tons of E-waste is produced per year, and this E-waste production is going to rise in years to come as more and more people are buying electronic equipment’s. As The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 15 to 20% of this E-waste is recycled currently. With such startling facts, its becomes essential to deal with E-waste efficacious and Recycling from an end of life electronics seems to be a perfect solution.

Dispose of Old Hardware

Laptops, tablets, radios, mobile phones, computer … are bound to be replaced by a latest model. What do you do with the old electronic equipment? For those who want to get rid of the old gadgets it better you put these devices into reuse by giving out them recycle plant or factory. They will ensure that these electronic gadgets are recycled in a responsible manner. Well, many companies have come up with schemes to ask the customer to return an old phone and buy a new or a similar device. The individuals get the new device and also the old one goes back to the manufacturer where these devices are recycled back.

Smart Buy

Another way to prevent electronic waste is by buying smart. Select in the first place for quality. A decent laptop where you 5 years to have fun, is more environmentally friendly than two cheap laptops that expire after 2 years. This also applies to other electronic gadgets and devices. As the saying goes: cheap is an often expensive sale.

Ecological Thinking

We present an example of ecological thinking. We have 2 companies: Company A and Company B.

Company A needs to replace old hard drives with newer models with higher capacity. The old hard disk drives have confidential data and the companies decide to shred them. In this case, the information is secured but the shredding causes E-waste.

For Company B also face the same situation but they use data destruction software (Like BitRaser by Stellar Data Recovery) to erase or wipe the data completely. The hard disks are intact and the data gone they are ready for reuse; the company can reprocess these hard disks in a different sector.

We see how 2 different approach and the ecological thinking of company B lessens the E-waste. This ecological thinking approach should be encompassed throughout the society. As soon as we buy a new electronic equipment or gadget we should always think forehand about recycling when we replace them.

A Brief Conclusion

By Recycling, we are dismantling the electronic devices and enhancing reuse possibility of the device and majorly conserving the natural environment. E-waste recycling reduces Greenhouse emissions caused by the manufacturing of new products.

Stellar Data Recovery, leading company for data recovery services and software advocates and promotes E-waste recycling. Our researchers and developers in India as well as in The Netherlands are committed to providing solutions E-waste and data recycling tools.

By: Kees Jan Meerman, Managing Director, Stellar Data Recovery, Netherlands.

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