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2023 Tech predictions commentary from Sushil Goyal, Co-Founder & COO, Rahi


2023 will witness the rapid adoption of advanced technologies such as computer vision and deep learning that will push the supply chain industry forward. Investments in driverless fleets and autonomous warehouse management will increase as businesses plan to increase the labor costs associated with them.

In 2023, countries want to get control over the data of their citizens. With the past decade revealing how big firms utilize the users’ data, countries will push for a more data localization approach. Meaning, organizations will have to store data within the confines of a country’s boundaries. This will substantially increase the demand for local data centers.

At the same time, enterprises will also have to focus on optimizing their energy infrastructure. This especially holds true for data centers that consume huge amounts of energy. With the energy crisis looming due to the ongoing economic and political landscape, enterprises will accelerate their technological advancements to make the consumption of energy smarter and more reliable.

The threat of cyber-attacks has never been more severe than it is today. Understanding the critical role cybersecurity plays in holding business operations together, enterprises in 2023, will significantly ramp up their investment in advanced technologies. Technologies such as AI will empower enterprises to identify vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. Moreover, AI-based analytics will help them to strengthen their configuration management while also empowering them to reinforce their cyber-resilience.

2023 will see marketing teams leveraging metaverse technology to engage with their target audience. With consumers always seeking new ways to connect with their brands, metaverse will provide them with a new way to engage with their customers.


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