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Red Hat Collaborates With SAP


Red Hat announced new results of its collaboration with SAP to drive the next generation of mobile database development and synchronization. With today’s news, developers now have access to new components of the SAP Data Management portfolio in OpenShift, Red Hat’s award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. The mobile data management cartridge for the SAP SQL Anywhere suite makes it easier for developers creating MySQL-based database applications to extend their data to remote and mobile applications, and keep it synchronized.

The announcement builds on Red Hat’s existing collaboration with SAP to bring SAP components to OpenShift. In April 2014, Red Hat announced plans to offer free development cartridges for the SAP Data Management portfolio, including SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP IQ software and SAP SQL Anywhere for use with the OpenShift portfolio, aimed at enabling developers around the world to build next-generation applications. Red Hat and SAP are working together to provide a unique universal framework of database and application development technologies geared toward supporting a wide range of operating systems, languages and services, all within a cartridge, so users can more quickly gain a competitive advantage and return on technology investments.

Using the OpenShift Cartridge API, SAP has developed a cartridge for SAP SQL Anywhere that will enable developers to quickly “snap-in” a pre-configured, ready-to-develop cartridge for synchronizing MySQL-based applications. This technology will enable more rapid development of applications that require fast, scalable and reliable online/offline data synchronization of mobile devices and remote offices to a central server database. For those using SAP SQL Anywhere, which has a community of support from more than 20,000 developers, they can now make use of the same technology that SAP has deployed worldwide to more than 12,000 customers, in an easy-to-use cartridge for OpenShift

With the cartridge for SAP SQL Anywhere on OpenShift, developers can rapidly develop database-powered, high-performing applications faster through automated workflows and tooling to help developers access what they need, when they need it. The combination of OpenShift by Red Hat and SAP SQL Anywhere delivers developers a flexible, choice-driven solution that is capable of handling large amounts of data. OpenShift automates the provisioning management and scaling of the application, while the self-administering, self-tuning, self-healing and synchronization support features of SAP SQL Anywhere make it well-suited for zero-administration environments.

OpenShift enables developers to quickly develop, host and scale applications in both public cloud (OpenShift Online) and on-premises private cloud (OpenShift Enterprise) environments. OpenShift’s elastic, multi-language, PaaS architecture automates the provisioning, management and scaling of applications so developers can focus on writing the code for these applications that support their business, startup, or next big idea. As a polyglot PaaS, OpenShift’s support for multiple languages, including Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Node.js, and Perl, allows for a low barrier to entry so developers can start their projects with ease and start coding more quickly. OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise are built from the OpenShift Origin open source project. It leverages Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the SELinux subsystem for a secure, multi-tenant architecture.

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