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Adobe Transforms Personalisation with Artificial Intelligence


Adobe to Open Data Science capabilities in Adobe Target, allows integration of brand algorithms with Adobe Sensei.

Today’s most successful brands already use data science to personalise experiences and address customer needs. Brands are increasingly building internal statistical models and algorithms to tailor experiences and yet most are not fully leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

To help with this, Adobe today announced it will open up its data science and algorithmic optimization capabilities in Adobe Target, the personalization engine of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Brands will be able to insert their own data model and algorithms into Adobe Target ot deliver the best experience to customers. Additionally the company announced new capabilities in Adobe Target powered by Adobe Sensei, its AI and machine learning framework, to further enhance customer recommendations and targeting precision, optimize experiences and automate the delivery of personalised offers.

“Customer expectations have sky-rocketed to the point that hyper personalization is no longer optional brands, it’s imperative,” said Aseem Chandra, VP, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target. “Progressive brands are already developing proprietary algorithms. when integrated into Adobe Target, brands can combine their own expertise with the power of Adobe’s AI and machine learning tools to predict what customers want and deliver it before they ask, driving strong business value and brand loyalty.”

The ability to bring in proprietary algorithms into a leading marketing platform is a first for the industry. brands benefit from the ability to blend their industry expertise with Adobe Sensei’s powerful machine learning and AI capabilities in Adobe Target to deliver individualized customer experiences at massive scale.

In addition, Adobe unveiled new Adobe Sensei capabilities in Adobe Target to delight customers with more personalised experiences i.e. One-Click Personalization; Personalized Recommendations; Automated Offers; Precision Targeting.

Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, has leveraged AI and machine learning algorithms for over a decade and is used by major brands worldwide like AT&T, Lenovo, Marriott etc. Highly personalised experiences are leveraged across online channels, including web, mobile, email and more.

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