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F-Secure Launches 2014 Security Product Lineup


F-Secure Internet Security heads up a list of revamped solutions being launched today by F-Secure. With a renewed focus on making daily online activities safer and protecting users’ privacy from the prying eyes of online spies, F-Secure’s new consumer products are designed with up-to-the-minute features to protect the content on your computer and to safeguard you while browsing the web, banking and shopping.

F-Secure Internet Security comes with fresh new features such as improved Banking Protection, protection for your Facebook profile, the very latest technology shielding you from exploits and zero day attacks, and more — all in a redesigned new user interface.

“The latest enhancements in our complete security suite match the exact requirements of consumers in today’s fast-changing world,” said Perttu Tynkkynen, Director, Consumer Sales and Marketing at F-Secure. “F-Secure Internet Security was already awarded this year for providing the best protection in the world, but we can’t simply rest on our laurels. We need to stay on top of the very latest threats, and with this latest version, we’re continuing to do that.”

Enhanced protection for banking and more

Cybercriminals follow money, stealing from consumer bank accounts using malicious software called banking trojans. With 85 percent of people doing online banking from their computers, this can leave an open line of susceptibility. With F-Secure Internet Security’s enhanced Banking Protection, consumers can be sure that their banking transactions are safe and private. Banking Protection elevates security settings during online banking sessions for extra protection.

Top technology for exploit protection

New F-Secure Internet Security comes with DeepGuard 5, the most powerful protection against new and emerging malware threats yet. Vulnerability exploits are one of the most common ways of infecting machines today, and DeepGuard 5 is specially outfitted to block them. DeepGuard 5 monitors the processes of commonly exploited programs and blocks any malicious behavior indicative of an exploit attempt. While typical protection is related to the vulnerability being exploited, DeepGuard 5′s behavior-based protection offers better coverage because vulnerabilities aren’t always known, such as with zero-day exploits.

Part of a complete product lineup:

  • F-Secure’s full 2014 product lineup includes:
  • Internet Security Internet Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Anti-Virus for PC Anti-Virus for PC
  • Anti-Virus for Mac
  • F-Secure Safe Profile


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