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Geometric Released ‘Tolerance Based Machining’ For CAMWorks


Geometric Limited, a global leader in 3D CNC machining software, recently announced the availability of a new technology that uses SOLIDWORKS 3D DimXpert and Model Based Definition (MBD) 3D dimensions and annotations to automate the programming process for CNC machined components.

Aligning with industry initiatives such as Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 for advanced manufacturing, CAMWorks has been uniquely structured to realize the benefits of automated CNC program generation based on tolerance, surface finish, and other annotations in SOLIDWORKS 3D parts. This functionality is possible due to CAMWorks’ ability to extract manufacturing features like pockets, bosses, holes, etc…, and automatically create toolpaths based on an internal knowledge base of user definable tools, feeds, speeds, and strategies.

Jim Foster, VP Channel Marketing and Sales, Geometric, says, “The opportunity to reduce the need for 2D drawings while helping to automate CNC machining to this level is truly exciting. Toolpath programming processes that typically take hours can now be accomplished in minutes. CAMWorks with Tolerance Based Machining will save 70% to 90% over the typical times involved when using traditional CNC software to prepare parts and assemblies for machining.  For many of our product manufacturing customers, the competitive advantage this technology offers is significant.”

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