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Prime Focus Technologies Announced New Solutions


Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology arm of Prime Focus, has announced few solutions, addressing the challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry to meet the demands of the digital consumer at IBC 2015.  PFT’s new solutions for broadcasters, studios, production houses and networks will help virtualize the content supply chain and build a connected enterprise.

Building a connected and digital ecosystem is key to managing the business of content. With cycle times being reduced from 30 days to 30 minutes, and higher speed and content volume demands, businesses need to be agile in the digital era. To do this, margin-pressed film studios and broadcasters need to shift focus towards flexible, modular, cost effective and collaborative enterprise software to improve operational efficiencies.

PFT’s CLEAR Media ERP Suite brings content to the center of the business and has helped content enterprises cut 30 percent of operational costs and gain 40 percent more efficiencies. The CLEAR Media ERP Suite is rich in applications that allow for workflow orchestration across enterprise, supply chain and partner ecosystems. In virtualizing these processes, PFT has helped content providers drive creative enablement, enhance efficiencies, lower the total cost of ownership and discover new monetization opportunities.

With 800 million iTunes users, 60 million subscribers on Netflix, 6 billion hours of video watched per month on YouTube, and with 19 percent of U.S. Millennials using Amazon Prime, content providers are in a mad race to get content to digital platforms faster and cheaper. They need to do that with not only the lowest total cost of delivery but enable it to be more discoverable for the consumers quickly. PFT’s CLEAR Operations Cloud helps do just that – not just store and transcode, but perform end-to-end content operations on the cloud.  Powered by transcoders including Elemental, Rhozet, AmberFin, Digital Rapids and more, PFT’s Operations Cloud is a unique infrastructure that offers content enterprises the ability to choose the transcoder that suit them best, while utilizing PFT’s custom workflow orchestration to package and deliver.

PFT’s CLEAR Operations Cloud also provides 4K support, including a 4K up-conversion module, by leveraging the Academy Award winning Lowry image processing libraries. This is supported by GPU Cloud Computing infrastructure. “Media and Entertainment companies cannot have islands of automation anymore,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and CEO, Prime Focus Technologies. “If they need to battle low margins and build operational efficiencies, they need to digitally transform to build a connected enterprise. They need to become hyper digital to cater to the hyper digital consumer. That’s the digital next reality.”

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