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SINE, IIT Mumbai and Global Venture Alliance, Moscow, Partner


IIT-B’s Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) in Mumbai and Global Venture Alliance (GVA) in Moscow are partnering to run a bilateral entrepreneur exchange program, entitled “India Russia Bridge for Innovations (IRBI)”. In the second half of September this year, a cohort of ten innovative startups from across India will participate in a 2-week accelerator program in Moscow that will include educational, practical, networking and cultural components aiming to facilitate a structured introduction into the Russian market.

The program is the first initiative between India and Russia with a focus on science and technology based entrepreneurship. The entire program is fully sponsored and supported by the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST), and the GVA in anticipation that partnerships and collaborations forged in course of IRBI, will not only lay foundations for increased bilateral trade across the nations, but also further goals of key national initiatives like Start-Up India, Make-in-India and Digital India.

The selected startups are in areas of medical devices and applications, energy, IoT, Edtech and Retail Tech. The startups have been identified on the basis of scalability, and with the inputs from GVA for potential of immediate partnership with businesses in Russia. The expected outcome of the program is for the entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge from experts in Russia in order to find partners, clients and test their products in local market through a collaborative ecosystem. There is also a potential to pioneer new cross border partnerships and collaborative programs between the two countries.

The selected Startups:

1. Field Assist – Divir Tiwari – is an on-field sales monitoring tool for mobile sales teams using smartphones and tablets. http://fieldassist.in

2. Ecolibrium Energy – Harit Soni – Big Data Energy analytics Platform provides the insights that increases operational efficiency of utilities, commercial & industrial consumers by optimizing energy usage and improving asset utilization http://ecolibriumenergy.com

3. Transcell Biologics – Dr Subhadra Dravida – Transcell is a Biotech company with a strong commitment to develop innovative and transformative stem cell based approaches in advancing evidence based practice in disease management. http://transcell.in

4. Frodo – Amardeep Singh – a technology start-up striving to create the perfect adventure camera called Frodocam which could be the world’s first truly wearable camera which you can strap on your wrist, head, bike or any adventure gear. . http://www.frodocam.com

5. A3 RMT – Vishal Shah – customizes wireless portable medical technology to tackle area-specific healthcare inefficiencies in emerging markets, with innovative and reliable products. http://a3rmt.com

6. Medprime Technologies – Binil Jacob – is a medical device company, dedicated to developing the best, customer-centric solutions for the healthcare needs of people around the world, with a focus on patient monitoring, assistive and diagnostic devices.  http://medprimetech.com

7. CareNx Innovations – Aditya Kulkarni – builds technologies to deliver healthcare services to remote patients using mobile platforms, it’s latest offerings are in the prenatal caregiving sphere http://carenx.com

8. Algosurg Products – Amit Maurya – is developing the next generation of products, that can revolutionise the way surgeries are being performed, using advanced computing methods, enhanced visualisation and automation. http://www.algosurg.com/

9. Campus Time – Amruta Desai –  is a mobile app for students on college campuses to engage with their college community by making it easy to connect, collaborate and explore. http://www.campusti.me

10. ShopsUp – Anmol Vij – is a hyperlocal store discovery app with cognitive capabilities, which enhances the shopping experience of it’s users and helps brick and mortar stores to get more relevant foot traffic to their stores. http://www.shopsup.com

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