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Axway Innovates API Security


Axway today announced the enhanced Axway 5 Suite for API Management with high performance, built-in API Firewalling to deliver the most comprehensive multi-layered security approach currently available.

Already serving Fortune 500 enterprises and government agencies around the world, this latest release continues to extend Axway’s lead as one of the most complete API security solutions available through a combination of capabilities. These include new API Firewalling to protect against external threats, graphically-configured security policies, business policies and audit trails to enforce compliance and investigate suspicious usage, and advanced API analytics to monitor permitted or blocked traffic patterns.

The new API Firewalling features include:a high-performance, built-in API Firewalling rules engine for advanced threat protection that allows API management teams to quickly deploy new threat protection as needed without having to wait for external teams or the deployment of additional technology.
Built-in rules to implement best practices for protecting against common threats such as the OWASP Top 10 Attacks.
Support for ModSecurity-based rule sets to allow companies to leverage all free or commercial rules sets built by one of the largest communities of threat protection experts in the world.Companies can also implement their own ModSecurity-based rule sets. Black- and white-listing rules to combine the best of both types of threat protection.

Recently Axway’s API Management solution earned the distinction of “Leader” in KuppingerCole’s “Leadership Compass for API Security Management” analysis report. The report examined various vendors’ capabilities within the API security management market and Axway was positioned among the Leaders within all four API security management leadership categories.

“Securing APIs and services from hacker attacks and other threats require a multilayered approach to address both transport-level attacks and exploits specific to messaging protocols and data formats,” said Alexei Balaganski, senior analyst at KuppingerCole. “In the latest release, Axway has significantly improved security features by incorporating a number of threat mitigation techniques and supporting all modern authentication standards. By adding API Firewalling capabilities that can leverage existing rulesets from the Open Source ModSecurity project, Axway has further expanded the scope of API security and threat protection of their offering.”

“Almost all digital business initiatives today are powered by social, mobile, and cloud technologies, and are increasingly enabled by the Internet of Things. But these platforms all rely on APIs that must be secured to protect data from external threats before any projects are deployed or the business is at risk,” said Jeanine Banks, executive vice president, global products and solutions, Axway. “The API security delivered by our latest release reaffirms our leadership and commitment to help customers accelerate their transformation to a digital business.”

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