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NetWitness Now Supports AWS AppFabric to Improve Security for SaaS Applications

by CIOAXIS Bureau

AWS AppFabric quickly connects SaaS applications for better productivity and security

NetWitness, a global provider of threat detection, investigation, and response technology and incident response services, announced it is now integrated with AWS AppFabric, a new service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that quickly connects software as a service (SaaS) applications for better productivity and security.

Integrating security solutions with SaaS apps can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. Each integration requires custom development, deployment, security measures, and ongoing maintenance. However, AWS AppFabric offers a streamlined solution by providing a standardized “backplane”, with a unified data model for connecting SaaS applications to security solutions. This is designed to simplify the integration process, allows for fast deployment, and provides comprehensive security.

NetWitness recognizes the need to consistently incorporate support for emerging technologies and solutions. NetWitness’ integration with AWS AppFabric can eliminate potential blind spots and facilitate the adoption of valuable business-oriented applications. With AWS AppFabric, customers gain access to a crucial new technology to improve their security observability, and NetWitness is fully prepared to assist them from the very beginning.

Integration with AWS AppFabric offers substantial upside to NetWitness customers. It provides customers with new options for securing their applications on AWS and, with this support, NetWitness empowers security analysts to effectively incorporate SaaS data into their threat detection and response activities and workflows. Moreover, the simplified and standardized services offered by AWS AppFabric reduce complexity and cost, making it seamless for customers to manage their security solutions. Customers can also utilize their AWS committed spend on NetWitness, maximizing their investments. Lastly, NetWitness’ integration with AWS AppFabric serves as a proof point for its crucial role within the cloud security ecosystem, reinforcing its importance and reliability to customers.

Throughout our journey, NetWitness has been at the forefront of expanding visibility into emerging technologies and innovative solutions,” said Ken Naumann, CEO of NetWitness. “As a security tool integrated with AWS AppFabric, we allow our customers to leverage this simplified and standardized approach to secure both new and existing AWS services.

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