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Things We Should Know About Technology


In this article, author has discussed few technologies, which according to her will be the technology of future and will change the lifestyle and business style of people & organizations phenomenally.


The whole hoopla surrounding technology and its predominance over our life is real and tangible. We have stepped into the world of wearable technology, 3D printing, 6th Sense technology and the list goes on and new concepts evolve to explain the monumental effect that can be expected on our lives. Whether it is from the perspective of our personal lives or business, technology is relevant to most of our activities.

It is Replacing Manpower Definitively

For instance, our key banking activities are now wholly or almost wholly done from our mobile phones, with our branch visits being curtailed to next to zero annually. Even after one steps into the bank, there are self-service kiosks that one can access conveniently for updating passbooks, dropping cheques, paying bills and many other things. In fact, traditional roles in a company are either becoming obsolete or being redefined in accordance with the changing role of the technology.

Big Data is Here

Big Data, while giving access to a goldmine of information, requires cogent association, objective allocation and conducive application. It is redefining business boundaries from local to global and leading us towards a “glocal” market. The storage and management of Big Data will be one of the biggest technological challenges in future. Technology revolving around Big Data management will be much in demand as companies are finding different ways in which Big Data can be exploited to lucrative ends. There is also the challenge of keeping data current and relevant while weeding out old and obsolete data.

Up On Cloud for Anytime, anywhere access and much more

The cloud is where data is stored and will be stored, much more in the near, foreseeable future. The idea of placing all the data in a remote, but secure server is to make data free of geographical and device constraints. So, the data’s immediate security is no longer dependant on the health of the device nor is its access restricted to any particular region. The cloud promises to make data fluid with constant access.

Privacy and Passwords

Cloud, Big Data, Device-independent, etc. all these technological advances bring with them the baggage of privacy issues. It will become important to maintain and recall passwords for all the data stored on cloud. Data is stored in the internet, and the internet is not a safe -place. Hence, strong passwords, in different forms, be it biometrics, alpha-numeric, patterns etc., will all be highly relevant and essential.

Internet Will Only Grow Bigger

All future technology will revolve around the internet – Internet of Thing (IoT), Everything as a Service (XaaS), Smart Cities, Big Data, the list goes on. In fact, without internet, the next generation will be handicapped and secluded from the living and thriving world. In the 2020s, the Square Kilometer Array Telescope is expected to be fully operational. This implies that the 1% of “things” that are connected to the internet today, will be increasing by multiples in future.


About The Author:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for intellipaat.com, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

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