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Truedialer App Update


Truecaller announced an update for its Truedialer app, bringing the ‘Availability’ feature that is aimed at helping eliminate the need for setting up ‘Out of Office’ and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ when not available. Showing users the availability status of other users, it only works between Truedialer users.

The updated Truedialer v3.5 app is available to download from Google Play, but is yet to reach Windows Phone store.

With the new feature, Truedialer app users would be able to see the availability of a person before calling them.The feature would show the contacts highlighted with a red status icon when they are busy and with green icon when they are free. The Truedialer availability status is updated automatically, syncing with users’ calendars to determine availability. Deactivating the feature is also possible in the app’s ‘Preferences’ option.

If a contact is busy, callers would still have the option to ‘call anyway’ or send an SMS. They can also choose to be notified about when the particular contact becomes free to take calls.

“It seems unusual that in a world where we can talk to each other over our phones, map our locations wherever we are with pinpoint accuracy and stream our current activity, that we still haven’t figured out when to let people know when we’re free to talk in real time. This is where Truedialer changes things”, said Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-Founder of Truecaller.

Truedialer last got a major update in March this year. The update included the support for dual-SIM devices. The app was launched last year in October for Android and Windows. Truecaller and Truedialer integration in Cyanogen OS, announced in May, was rolled out with version v12.1 of the commercial OS last month.

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