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Adobe Leverages AI to Advance Personalised Customer Journeys Through Real-Time Experimentation

by CioAxis

Adobe announced major Adobe Experience Cloud innovations that empower brands to enhance customer engagement by orchestrating impactful cross-channel journeys. A new unified experimentation capability enables brands to increase the volume of tests to pinpoint customer paths that maximise conversion and drive reuse of offers across channels. And Adobe Journey Optimiser capabilities will enable both B2C and B2B brands to enhance journey orchestration with timely, personalised experiences.

B2C and B2B brands have unique challenges in how they engage customers, and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions can uniquely serve the needs of both sectors,” said Amit Ahuja, senior vice president, Digital Experience Business at Adobe. “By unifying disparate data through Adobe Experience Platform and delivering a comprehensive view of customers, brands can deliver true one-to-one personalisation or engage specific buying groups within target accounts.

Consumers expect brands to keep a close pulse on their preferences, and Marriott is focused on providing a highly personalised experience on every digital channel that is intuitively timed to delight guests,” said Amit Manurkar, VP, Digital Content & MarTech, Marriott International. “The Adobe Experience Cloud is helping our teams across the globe to deliver highly personalised moments at scale throughout the entire journey and across touchpoints, including Marriott’s award-winning Marriott Bonvoy App.

AEP & AJO Unified Experimentation
Unified experimentation and goal-based optimisation services using enhanced statistical models helps marketers, product managers, and developers leverage embedded decisioning capabilities within their customer journeys, to drive reuse of offers across communication channels or optimise the ideal path a customer should take to maximise conversion. Brands can progressively enable experimentation and decisioning across content, channels, audiences, journeys and machine learning models, with centralised administration to push winners, resolve conflicts and manage global hold outs.

AJO Innovations
AJO B2B Edition: An enterprise application built on Adobe Experience Platform, AJO B2B Edition is a unique product focused on account specific buying group journeys, that will enable marketing and sales teams to act as one coordinated revenue team driving a personalised B2B buying experience and creating demand with more precision. It will leverage unified data in Adobe Experience Platform and generative AI to personalise the journey and complements lead marketing workflows in Adobe Marketo Engage, providing a comprehensive B2B offering.

New AJO Capabilities: Enhanced brand-initiated journey orchestration in AJO helps brands connect their audience-centric campaigns with real-time customer signals so that the right customers are engaged—and to avoid mistimed marketing communications. Additionally, mobile and web channel enhancements in AJO will provide comprehensive support including push, in-app, code-based experiences and message feeds.

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