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Ageas Selects Verizon for Cloud Infrastructure in Asia


The challenge for financial companies is how to deliver these services quickly and cost efficiently. Increasingly, cloud seems to be the ideal solution.

One company that has made the investment in cloud is Ageas.  Ageas chose Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Hong Kong data center to host the company’s new wealth management electronic trading portal, i-Invest. The portal, which gives Ageas’ customers and financial advisers the opportunity to trade in various financial instruments such as mutual funds and bonds, also allows for multiple language options, currencies and account set-up, ticking the ease of use box as well.

The insurance industry is not generally thought of as cutting edge but Ageas is demonstrating how technology can be used to innovate, and stay ahead of the game. Insurance is an industry in transformation, as buying habits change and the cloud can offer a firm foundation on which innovative applications can be built. The fit with Verizon was ideal given that the company recently announced a suite of expanded and enhanced cloud services in Hong Kong and Melbourne to meet the demand for secure, enterprise-grade cloud capabilities, offering customers reliable memory, storage and network options, as well as enhanced flexibility and control.

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