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DroneAcharya’s Strategic Acquisition of PYI Technologies Ushers in a New Era of Women Entrepreneurs

by CIOAXIS Bureau

DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations announced that it is set to acquire PYI Technologies Private Limited, a leading Pune-based Deep Tech Drone Company. This strategic merger amplifies DroneAcharya’s commitment to enriching its service spectrum and delivering enhanced value-added solutions in the dynamic drone industry.

As an integral part of its growth strategy, DroneAcharya will solidify its position as a 51% shareholder in PYI Technologies, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at pioneering customized, avant-garde solutions in partnership with PYI Technologies.

PYI Technologies has swiftly emerged as a trailblazer in drone manufacturing and solution development, boasting an extensive array of cutting-edge offerings:

* FPV (First Person View) Drones Tailored for Asymmetric Warfare: Engineered for tactical supremacy in intricate combat scenarios.
* Indigenous 100% Made in India Flight Control Modules: Showcasing technological excellence and reliability at the heart of drone operations.
* Heavy Payload Lifting Drone Systems: Robust aerial platforms adept at transporting substantial cargo, catering to industrial demands.
* Educational DIY Kits: Designed for institutes, these beginner-friendly, programmable kits foster innovation and learning among students.
* FPV Drone Solutions for Confined Spaces: Engineered for agility and precision in restricted environments, ideal for specialized tasks.

Janhavi Sawant, Founder, and CEO at PYI Technologies, an inspiration for budding women entrepreneurs, shared, “This collaboration signifies the limitless potential when passion meets opportunity, paving the way for aspiring women in the business landscape”. Janhavi, who is a final year student in B. Tech Mechatronics at Symbiosis Skills & Professional University, sets a high standard for female entrepreneurs looking for inspiration in the highly male dominated Drone Industry.

Prateek Srivastava, Founder, and MD of DroneAcharya, added, “The acquisition embodies our commitment to innovation and diversity. We encourage and uplift budding entrepreneurs and are glad that we can play a role in catalyzing a new era of Disruptive Advancements in the Drone industry.

This acquisition heralds an era of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment, poised to redefine the benchmarks of drone technology. Expect pioneering strides as DroneAcharya and PYI Technologies unite to drive industry-wide transformations.

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