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Gen AI-Powered Mental Wellness Platform United We Care, Launches Innovative Programs Globally

by CIOAXIS Bureau

United We Care, a pioneering deep-tech company announced the launch of a series of innovative programs aimed at addressing various stress and mental health challenges. Through a unique blend of Generative AI and a compassionate human-centric approach their mission is to make mental health and wellness affordable, accessible and adaptable for billions.

Each program features carefully crafted content backed by research studies done across the globe, complemented by United We Care’s AI-powered wellness coach, STELLA, available 24/7 in 29 languages with a 94.7% accuracy in intent detection. Additionally, participants have access to renowned mental health professionals & wellness experts, along with clinically proven assessments and content to enhance emotional well-being.

The newly launched programs include:

1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Care for Carers: Designed by a Trauma informed therapist, this program offers tools for caregivers to support their loved ones battling PTSD while also taking time for self-care. Participants will gain valuable insights and tools to foster resilience in their caregiving roles.

2. Ultimate Guide to Managing Fear of Heights: This program empowers individuals with the tools to manage their fear of heights and enjoy new experiences without limitations.

3. Supporting a Loved One with Smoking Addiction: Tailored for individuals supporting loved ones through the challenges of quitting smoking. Designed by a renowned Psychiatrist, this program offers practical strategies to support your loved one in overcoming nicotine dependence while taking care of your own mental well-being and relationships.

4. Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking: Ideal for professionals and aspiring speakers, this program equips participants with the confidence and skills needed to excel in public speaking engagements and presentations.

Shumita Kakkar, COO and Founder at United We Care said, “In today’s intensely competitive world, individuals are constantly striving to excel and attain a sense of peace, often leading to heightened stress and depression. Many are unaware of how seemingly insignificant factors can spiral into addictions or fears. To underscore the importance of addressing these issues for mental wellness, we’ve launched these programs. Accessible through simple steps, we aim to empower individuals to confront their challenges with confidence. Recognizing that every aspect of life plays a vital role in well-being.

United We Care invites individuals to uncover “SAFE HEAVEN” as a first step towards recovery of mental health by enrolling into these transformative programs, promising a journey of growth, strength, and empowerment.

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