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Global Data Traffic in 2023 Jumps by 23 Percent to 59 Exabytes

by CIOAXIS Bureau

DE-CIX Internet Exchanges experienced an exceptional surge in data traffic, reaching a monumental 59 exabytes in 2023. This represents a remarkable 23 percent increase from the 48 exabytes recorded in 2022.

Ivo Ivanov, CEO at DE-CIX, emphasizes the essential role of DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in our digital lives, stating, “Whether for emails, artificial intelligence, data-based products, the immersive Internet, or the transmission of global sports highlights – the fast and secure connections at DE-CIX Internet Exchanges are essential for our digital daily lives.

Remarking on this achievement, Sudhir Kunder, Chief Business Officer, DE-CIX India said, “This exceptional milestone underscores the indispensable role DE-CIX plays in facilitating the seamless flow of data across the digital landscape. As our world becomes increasingly reliant on internet-based applications for communication, entertainment, and commerce, DE-CIX remains committed to providing fast, secure, and reliable connections that empower the digital daily lives of billions worldwide.

Setting a new milestone, global data throughput peaked at 22.36 terabits per second (Tbit/s) on November 8, 2023, coinciding with the 4th match day of the UEFA Champions League. DE-CIX Frankfurt, Europe’s largest Internet Exchange, hit a record peak of 16.62 Tbit/s on the same date, showcasing sustained growth and significance in the global data exchange landscape.

The surge is attributed to the escalating use of internet-based applications, propelling data traffic development. In comparison to 32 exabytes in 2020 and 38 exabytes in 2021, the current total of 59 exabytes is equivalent to approximately 9.8 billion two-hour video streams. To provide perspective, this mirrors every person on the planet watching over two hours of continuous video streaming.

DE-CIX Internet Exchanges remain pivotal in connecting the globe, facilitating everything from video conferencing to streaming services and gaming. Gaming services experienced heightened demand at the beginning and in mid-2023, while video conferencing saw regular usage in spring and late summer. Peaks in video streaming coincided with summer and winter.

DE-CIX’s global expansion is evident in significant growth across its locations, with data throughput increases at peak times in DE-CIX Dallas (+61%), DE-CIX Madrid (+44%), DE-CIX Mumbai (+32%) and DE-CIX New York (+22%).

In broader regions, 2023 data traffic reached approximately 6.4 exabytes in North America, 5.7 exabytes in India, and around 3.1 exabytes in Southern Europe. DE-CIX now extends its peering, cloud connectivity, and interconnection services to over 50 metro markets worldwide.

To grasp the magnitude of 59 exabytes, it’s crucial to understand that data transmission speed is measured in terabits per second (Tbit/s). One terabit per second equals 1 trillion bits per second. In simpler terms, 59 exabytes represent the storage capacity of a staggering 460,625,000 smartphones, each equipped with 128 gigabytes of storage space.

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