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Hitachi Vantara Introduces Pentaho+, A Simplified Platform for Trusted, GenAI-ready Data

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Hitachi Vantara announced Pentaho+, an integrated platform from the Pentaho software business designed to help organisations connect, enrich, and transform operations with refined, reliable data necessary for AI and Generative AI (GenAI) accuracy. Automating the work of complex data management with powerful self-service and cloud-agnostic solutions, Pentaho+ helps improve data quality by allowing organisations to effectively oversee data from inception to deployment.

According to the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2023, “Generative AI has had an impact like no other technology in the past decade. The increased productivity for developers and knowledge workers, using systems like ChatGPT, is very real and has caused organisations and industries to rethink their business processes and the value of human resources.” Yet, Harvard Business Review found that “only 3% of companies’ data meets basic quality standards.”

Improving access to hybrid data distributed across on-premises and public cloud data centres, Pentaho+ connects unstructured, semi-structured and structured formats for a comprehensive view of data assets, providing confidence in mission-critical digital and operational insights amid a surge in generative AI.

We believe in this age of AI and Machine Learning that if an enterprise isn’t data-fit, it will lose to one who is,” said Maggie Laird, global head of Pentaho Software at Hitachi Vantara. “With Pentaho+, we’re providing the groundwork for universal data intelligence, enabling leaders to provide clean, accurate data with certainty so they can leverage GenAI in ways that can truly impact their business strategy and bottom line.”

Unlocking Business Value with AI-ready Data
Pentaho+ delivers a flexible, modular platform connecting existing and evolving data environments without costly integration or coding. As needs expand, additional functional modules can be easily added. Initial features of Pentaho+ and updates to Pentaho functionality include:

Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics: Process batch and streaming data in real time using native containerisation to support any deployment environment. The new integrated platform can easily be hosted on any cloud provider platform, at the core and edge.

Pentaho Data Catalog: Pentaho Data Catalog helps discover, identify, categorise and classify data based on meaningful business context resulting in a trusted, data driven organisation. An improved user interface leverages the best of Io-Tahoe and Waterline Data technology from previous acquisitions.

Pentaho Data Storage Optimiser: Gain more cost control of IT charge backs, performance, and risk of your data for your work processes. Data Storage Optimiser now works with all file systems and S3 containers in addition to Hadoop.

Plans to expand the Pentaho+ platform with additional capabilities for data mastering, data quality, and more can be expected in the coming months.

With Pentaho, business intelligence, big data and data warehouse managers get the perfect platform for flexible data integration and data preparation as well as for analytics,” said Chris Keller, director of Big Data Analytics & IoT at ITNovum, the leading IT consultant/implementer for Business Open Source & Digital Transformation in Germany. “Thanks to its open architecture, the Pentaho+ Platform can be seamlessly integrated into any existing infrastructure working regardless of where data is located.”

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