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India Future Foundation Recently Signs MoU with Rashtriya Raksha University

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar and India Future Foundation have joined hands to synergies their efforts to enhace the National Security across Government, Public and Private Sectors. An MoU to formalize this association between the two institutions was signed recently. Col Nidhish Bhatnagar (Retd) on behalf of Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinahgar and Mr. Kanishk Gaur, Founder, India Future Foundation signed the MoU.

In a significant development, an MoU has been inked between both parties to forge a collaborative ecosystem aimed at advancing initiatives in Defense Security, Strategic Affairs, Digital & Cyber Diplomacy, Cyber Security, Data Protection, and Privacy. This partnership aims to synergize stakeholders by identifying their training needs and facilitating knowledge empowerment through workshops, all for the mutual benefit of the involved parties. Furthermore, the agreement emphasizes joint efforts to identify and promote indigenous talent in research and technology, fostering the exchange of ideas among researchers, faculty, and practitioners. Notably, the collaboration extends to engaging relevant organizations from government, public, and private sectors in research discussions and discoveries, both domestically and on an international scale. This milestone represents a concerted effort towards enhancing national security and technological prowess.

Commenting on the coming together of Rahstriya Raksha University and India Future Foundation, Lt Gen. (Dr) Rajesh Pant (Retd), Former National Cyber Security Coordinator and presently Chairman, India Future Foundation, said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned a developed Bharat with the third largest global economy. Towards this journey it is imperative to ensure national security, including in Cyberspace. The MoU between RRU and IFF is a shining example of cooperation in ensuring whole-of-nation approach for achieving this common national goal.

Speaking on the occasion, Kanishk Gaur, Founder, India Future Foundation said, “Today marks a significant milestone in the India Future Foundation’s journey, as our partnership with Rashtriya Raksha University signifies a crucial step towards achieving our common objectives. This collaboration not only facilitates our individual goals but also fosters synergy towards the overarching aim of advancing a more empowered India. Working closely with Rashtriya Raksha University, particularly in domains such as defense security, strategic affairs, and cyber diplomacy, holds immense potential in fortifying our nation for the future, thus contributing to the broader vision of a stronger India.

Col Nidish Bhatnagar (Retd), Rashtriya Raksha University added, “Today, with the signing of this MOU, the India Future Foundation and Rashtriya Raksha University mark a pivotal moment in our journey towards a stronger India. This partnership emphasizes our joint commitment to advancing key areas such as defense security, strategic affairs, and cyber diplomacy. Together, we will drive innovation, foster expertise, and contribute to a more empowered and resilient nation.

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