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Intellect Launches AI-Led Innovation Center in GIFT City

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Intellect Design Arena, a cloud-native, future-ready, multi-product Financial Technology company, announced the inauguration of its cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) led innovation centre in GIFT City, an epic centre of Global Finance and IT.

Focus on advanced AI-led products: Intellect’s Gift City Centre will be the birthplace of next-gen decision-grade AI technology powered with eMACH.ai architecture for Global Financial Firms and is poised to catalyse the next wave of innovation in the financial technology world.

High-tech workforce: With an expansive 8000 sq.ft. area, the facility will host over 120 highly skilled Fintech engineers, driving innovation in the heart of GIFT City. The Fintech engineers will focus on developing and implementing Intellect’s cutting-edge eMACH.ai suite of technologies, positioning GIFT City as a hub for the evolution of decision-grade AI technology.

Global connectivity: The centre will connect fintech research engineers with eight global hub cities of New York, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Singapore, Melbourne, Chennai, and Mumbai. This interconnected network will amplify the impact of Intellect’s eMACH.ai suite of technologies.

Honouring the vision of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who envisions GIFT City as a “World Class Finance and IT Zone for India to provide services not only to India but to the entire World,” Intellect’s investment in GIFT City aligns seamlessly with the mission to create a global financial and technology hub and provide an ideal environment for Intellect’s innovative endeavours.

Arun Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Intellect Design Arena Limited, expressed his excitement about the launch of the Intellect AI-led Innovation Centre in GIFT City, stating, “Intellect is proud to be part of this unprecedented ecosystem for crucial economic activities with its state-of-the-art financial and technology solutions and is in sync with the vision of the Government to create a world-class finance and IT Zone for India. It will provide services at a global scale way beyond the boundaries of India to the entire world. Intellect’s facility will benefit not only banks and insurance institutions, but its AI-led technologies will also cater to Global Business Service centres, International Exchanges, Global Brokerage firms, Private Equity firms, Capital Markets, and many other parts of the global financial ecosystem.

He added, “This strategic move positions Intellect at the forefront of the global financial technology landscape. Our presence in GIFT City signifies not only a physical expansion but a deeper dedication to advancing the future of finance through AI-led technology powered by our signature eMACH.ai architecture.

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