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Kaspersky received AV-Comparatives’ highest Advanced+ award


Kaspersky Internet Security has received AV-Comparatives’ highest Advanced+ award following the results of a study by the respected research laboratory. The study included a series of tests designed to evaluate the impact security software has on a PC’s performance.

The AV-Comparatives Performance Test is a regular study into the effect of security solutions on computer performance in a variety of user scenarios. The experts monitored changes in the PC’s performance when copying files, creating data archives, installing applications, opening Office and PDF documents, as well as when downloading files from online sources. To ensure the results were as reliable as possible a further check was made – the system performance was measured using the specialized PCMark 8 application. As a result of the series of tests Kaspersky Internet Security scored 165.7 points and was recognized as one of the solutions with the lowest resource consumption.

All tests were conducted on computers with an Intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB of RAM and a SATA II hard disk running the Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 64-bit operating system under their default settings. Security solutions that participated in the testing had been completely updated and could use their own cloud services. During testing, the experts took into account the specifics of the products’ performance – because in some scenarios the check is only made when the anti-virus engine comes across the file for the first time, the test was repeated twice. Thus, the final result considered how the product reacted to an unknown object and then its response when encountering data for a second time.

Commenting on the results Timur Biyachiev, Director of Anti-Malware research, Kaspersky Lab, said: “The fight against malicious software has much in common with medicine. Both are about healing, and both have the same fundamental principle – do no harm. Beyond all doubt, level of cyberthreat protection is important, but computer performance and user experience should not be affected by the security solution. Kaspersky Lab places considerable emphasis on this — the results of these performance tests once again confirm that.”

Kaspersky Internet Security is part of Kaspersky Internet Security-Multi-Device, a multi-platform solution designed to protect different platforms against current cyber threats. Various independent test organizations have carried out regular studies into how the solution impacts upon PC performance. AV-Comparatives is not the only company to recognize Kaspersky Internet Security’s low consumption of system resources: in 2014 the solution also received the top-level Best Performance Award from the German research institute AV-Test.

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