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LTIMindtree Named ‘AMS SAP Transformation Partner of the Year’ by Tricentis for RELY

by CIOAXIS Bureau

RELY is LTIMindtree’s best-in-class Program Assurance and Reliability Management Services

LTIMindtree has been recognized as the ‘AMS SAP Transformation Partner of the Year by Tricentis’ for RELY. This prestigious award is a testament to LTIMindtree’s tremendous efforts and achievements with SAP clients, SAP, Solex Team, and Tricentis.

RELY is LTIMindtree’s latest-generation program assurance and reliability management services platform designed to streamline the execution of S/4HANA programs. The platform provides a built-in framework for innovative testing tools and methodologies, enabling enterprises to maximize their business optimization on S/4HANA.

I am pleased to confirm that LTIMindtree is a global partner for Tricentis, and specifically extended this with a dedicated collaboration for SAP 4/HANA. LTIMindtree has deep technical expertise in the Tricentis Platform, has a strong pool of trained, certified, experienced practitioners, and has successfully completed many client engagements over recent years. We also understand they have built and are extending their own IP for SAP and other technologies on top of the Tricentis platform to further add value to our and their clients,” said Chaim Frenkel, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, WW, Tricentis.

We are honored to receive this recognition from Tricentis,” said Vineet Moroney, SVP and Global Head-Enterprise Apps, LTIMindtree. “This award is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions leveraging SAP technologies. Our strategic partnership with Tricentis has been pivotal in advancing joint testing offerings, license resell, and ensuring robust software quality for businesses worldwide.

LTIMindtree’s comprehensive suite of assurance services, on RELY for all SAP and peripheral systems, ensures that all critical business processes are thoroughly tested and validated. This minimizes downtime and reduces the risk of errors or disruptions, providing businesses with a streamlined and efficient testing solution for their SAP programs, including the S/4 HANA journey.

In addition to their program assurance and reliability management services, LTIMindtree also offers advisory services to integrate intelligence in quality engineering practices for driving better results. Their product assurance team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results when it comes to testing and validating SAP solutions. With this recognition, LTIMindtree continues to solidify its position as a leader in the technology consulting and digital solutions space.

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