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Microsoft enhances Bash on Windows


Microsoft last year designed its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in the form of a Bash to deliver a partial open source experience. But months after its original release, the proprietary tool has now received a major update to bring a complete Linux flavour right to your Windows 10 system.

With the release of Windows Insider build 15002, Microsoft has brought a large number of changes to its Bash aka Linux command-line interface. There are several performance improvements as well as various compatibility and stability changes to offer you Linux on Windows 10.

“A long list of improvements and fixes for Bash/WSL arrived in this build, resulting in even more compatibility, performance and stability of your favourite Linux tools and technologies,” writes Rich Turner, senior program manager, Microsoft, in a blog post.

Through the latest release all bash sessions are created at the same permission level, and admin and non-admin consoles are restricted to operate simultaneously. Additionally, there are features such as logging function and fixes for truncated Windows path in WSL to mingle Linux with Windows 10.

The updated Bash on Windows comes with support for kernel memory overcommit. It has also tweaked the way process commit is calculated during process fork. Further, Microsoft has fixed the error code generation and enhanced VPN access through the command-line tool.

While the latest Windows Insider preview brings several enhancements, it also addresses some widely known issues on Bash. You are no longer be able to use Ctrl-C in a Bash session. Turner states that the Console and Bash work just as the two trains running on different tracks. Hence, the Ctrl-C command is now incompatible with Windows’ Bash.

Bash is one of the first major developments by Microsoft to step into the world of open source. Debuted back in April, the command-line tool runs a standard Ubuntu distribution. It is available for access through Windows Insider releases.

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