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Microsoft Partners Across India for AI-Driven Transformation

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Microsoft is playing a crucial role in driving AI transformation across thousands of enterprises, digital natives, and SMBs in India. The company is at the forefront of empowering organizations to leverage AI capabilities for process transformation, innovation, and enhanced business value. As industries strive to keep pace with technological advancements, Microsoft is a trusted partner offering comprehensive industry expertise, scale, and innovative capabilities such as Copilot across Microsoft products and Azure Open AI.

The Microsoft AI Tour in Mumbai provided senior business leaders and decision-makers with a firsthand look at how AI solutions are addressing business challenges, improving efficiency, and accelerating development. India’s evolving landscape is witnessing widespread adoption of the intelligent cloud and AI, ushering in a new era of distributed, connected applications and transformative business outcomes. According to a recent report commissioned by Microsoft, companies investing in AI realize an average return of USD 3.50 for every USD spent. The infusion of AI into various layers of the tech stack is driving tangible productivity gains, amplifying human ingenuity, and mitigating digital debt.

Leading businesses in India, spanning various sectors, are actively leveraging Microsoft’s AI solutions to enhance efficiency and elevate customer experiences. Myntra, India’s largest online fashion retailer, employs generative AI to address the open-ended search problem, helping shoppers decide what to wear based on occasions. Genpact’s AI Guru, a chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 via Azure OpenAI Service, is enhancing learning for senior employees globally. Cognizant’s Innovation Assistant, a generative AI-powered tool on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, assimilates enterprise knowledge, fostering greater creativity and innovation across teams. Arvind Ltd has digitized shop floor and sampling processes using PowerApps, significantly reducing human errors in sampling and production. Air India’s generative AI virtual agent, “Ask AI.g,” powered by Azure OpenAI service, enhances customer experiences by managing queries across 1,300 areas in four languages.

Ahmed Mazhari, President of Microsoft Asia, expressed confidence in the unprecedented diffusion of AI technology, anticipating its widespread impact on various facets of life by 2024. He highlighted the accelerated focus of tech services companies on building new capabilities and skills to meet customer needs in generative AI. With one in four AI projects on GitHub originating from India, the country is uniquely positioned to lead AI adoption at scale globally.

Puneet Chandok, President of Microsoft India & South Asia, emphasized Microsoft’s commitment to democratizing access to AI for everyone in India. The company collaborates closely with businesses to scale and transform with AI, leveraging innovative solutions like GitHub Copilot, Bing Chat, and Microsoft 365 Copilot. The vision is to create a world where every individual, regardless of their profession, has a copilot for all their activities.

The Microsoft AI Tour engaged leaders from various industry sectors, including Axis Bank, Wipro, Indigo, HighRadius, and others. These leaders shared insights into the use cases of Copilot for M365, Azure Open AI, and Azure AI Studio, highlighting improvements in productivity, efficiency, creativity, and safety and security in their respective businesses.

Avinash Raghavendra, President & CIO of Axis Bank, emphasized the positive impact of collaboration with Microsoft in driving workforce productivity through a robust productivity stack embedded with generative AI. The collaboration has not only optimized processes but has also enhanced employee satisfaction by enabling continuous productivity and resourcefulness.

Anup Purohit, Chief Information Officer at Wipro, highlighted the pivotal role of generative AI and foundational AI in the company’s transformation journey. Wipro’s teams are embracing AI, amplifying their influence in the marketplace. Solutions like Copilot align with the objective of empowering teams for more efficient workflows, driving innovation, and reinventing processes to deliver high-quality services to clients.

In summary, Microsoft is leading the charge in AI transformation, enabling organizations in India to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence for sustainable growth and innovation across diverse sectors.

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