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NEC Corporation announces the Launch of its New File Server Management Software


NEC Corporation announced the launch of its new file server management software, NEC Information Assessment System V3.2 (NIAS V3.2), with enhanced functionality for managing access privileges for files stored in file servers. The new product is scheduled to commence shipping on July 31, 2015.

NIAS supports the operation and management of file servers by enabling the visualization of the usage status and access permission settings of files as well as the discovery and cleanup of redundant files within file servers. It enables high-speed detection and cleanup of files by using an in-memory data processing technology, allowing the analysis of high capacity file servers to be completed in a shorter period of time.

With renewed functionality for managing access privileges, the new software makes it possible to centrally manage and ascertain the status of access permission settings for files. It also handles the detection of files with inappropriate access permissions, such as files that the administrator does not have permission to access, files for which invalid access privileges remain, and files that are in a state where they are accessible by anyone. Through this new functionality, NIAS enhances security by preventing leakages of information due to the inadequate or inappropriate setting of access privileges.

“With the importance of data management increasing due to the occurrence of targeted cyber-attacks, we are seeing strong demand for improved file server security. Granting access permissions for files is a standard security measure for file servers, but it becomes more and more difficult and time consuming for administrators to ascertain the status of access permission settings for individual files,” said Nobuhiko Kishinoue, General Manager, Cloud Platform Division, NEC Corporation. “By providing detailed visualizations of access permission settings and enabling easy detection and amendment of settings that violate the codes or operating regulations of companies and organizations, NIAS V3.2 achieves improved security while reducing the workload of operating administrators.”

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