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Rahul Bhatia of InterGlobe & C.P. Gurnani of Assago Announce a Joint Venture to Launch AIonOS

by CioAxis

In a move that is set to transform the AI landscape, Rahul Bhatia, Group Managing Director of InterGlobe and C.P. Gurnani, Chairman of Assago Group have announced the launch of AIonOS – an AI business venture. AIonOS will usher in a paradigm shift, which will transform businesses to AI-native enterprises by creating a seamless ecosystem of infrastructure, data, and generative AI to unlock new levels of productivity and profitability.

The mission of AIonOS is to empower businesses with advanced AI solutions that not only streamline workflows but also elevate customer experience. AIonOS will redefine the way businesses operate in the digital age. Its products & services serving as a link between a company’s data, its analytical capabilities and operational execution. AIonOS will automate and optimise decision making, orchestrate workflows, drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences and identify opportunities to streamline processes, reduce costs and maximise productivity.

The new business venture will onboard companies onto its IntelliOS platform that brings AI into every decision-making process & delivers tangible business benefits. AIonOS will connect with the enterprise’s existing data sources, that allows it to anchor the knowledge base on actual business reality and minimises the risk of information gaps. In addition, it will seamlessly integrate this knowledge to ensure that AI complements and enhances the existing business logic & computational models. AIonOS will implement these while being committed to driving actions that deliver tangible business results by safely synchronising these decisions back to the enterprise’s operational systems.

AIonOS will develop and offer a diverse array of specialised products and technologies powered by AI to address the complex digital transformation challenges of businesses across industries. The key products that the company will offer are: AI Custom Solutions to tackle complex digital transformation challenges and deploy AI solutions tailored to specific enterprise needs; Industry-Specific Products for addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector; Data Insight Engine by applying advanced analytics to existing data reservoirs, turning raw data into a strategic asset, extracting actionable insights, and opening new revenue streams; and AI led CX to deliver personalised, efficient, and scalable solutions in customer experience.

This combination of class-leading technology and customised services uniquely positions AIonOS at the intersection of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep industry expertise. AIonOS will also look to partner with startups to deliver industry-specific solutions at scale with agility.

Speaking on the occasion, Rahul Bhatia, Group Managing Director of InterGlobe said, “InterGlobe has always been at the forefront of innovation and development, and I am delighted that we at InterGlobe are partnering with C.P. on this path-breaking venture. In a rapidly transforming world, it is crucial for businesses to expand their scope and harness the potential of AI. AIonOS is aimed at enabling businesses to accelerate their digital transformation by enhancing human and system capabilities with AI powered solutions. By leveraging our deep sectoral expertise and the power of AI, we aim to revolutionise industries, redefine possibilities, and shape the future of businesses.”

C.P. Gurnani, Executive Vice Chairman of AIonOS, commented, “At AIonOS, we are redefining industry standards with IntelliOS, our AI native platform that enables organisations to initiate their transformation towards cognitive enterprises. We are building SaaS solutions that integrate seamlessly into the fabric of industries such as travel, transport, logistics and hospitality. The first set of use cases include unlocking higher revenue through smarter pricing and delivering superior customer experience. Our approach to AI combines sophisticated technology with the nuances of human interaction in every solution we deliver.”

AIonOS will be spearheaded by Mr. C.P. Gurnani and is structured around four key business lines, each helmed by a dedicated leader, ensuring agile and effective operations. Headquartered in Singapore, AIonOS will have global business presence, including in North America, India, the Middle East, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific, representing a mix of mature and rapidly growing markets, each with its unique challenges and opportunities for AI adoption. AIonOS’ business will be supported through centres located across multiple geographies, including India, to leverage globally available talent in technology and innovation.

Starting with the Travel, Transportation, Logistics, and Hospitality (TTLH) sector, AIonOS has onboarded several businesses from these verticals as launch customers. This sector alone presents a significant opportunity for AI-driven innovation.

Looking ahead, AIonOS plans to replicate this across additional sectors, continually expanding its reach and impact. With AIonOS, enterprises will be equipped to not just compete but lead in today’s dynamic and demanding marketplace.

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