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Seagate Leads Industry Efforts for Sustainable Data Storage

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Seagate Technology announced the new Exos CORVAULT 5U84 at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023. The new mass storage system helps media and entertainment (M&E) organizations reduce their carbon emissions and operating costs by keeping drives in service for longer, underpinning Seagate’s sustainability mission. IBC also honored Seagate by naming it as a Social Impact Award finalist in the Environment and Sustainability category for its pioneering circularity program.

Seagate’s Exos CORVAULT is a high-performing, efficient, durable mass-capacity block storage system that is self-healing and brings five-nines availability to scale out storage for data center deployments. What makes CORVAULT unique from other enterprise storage systems is the user experience that is comparable to managing a single hard drive, except with multi-petabyte capacity. Previously available in a standard 4U form factor for large 1.2-meter-deep racks, Seagate now offers a 5U form factor for smaller 1-meter-deep racks, commonly leveraged in M&E companies. The Exos CORVAULT 5U84 delivers hyperscale efficiencies to M&E data centers with its rapid deployment, streamlined data management, and reduced human intervention.

“For many years now, pixitmedia® has worked in partnership with Seagate to provide game-changing technology for our M&E customers. Today, we are delighted to combine the new CORVAULT 5U84 with our pixstor™ software-defined storage solution to create high-performance, scalable, and flexible data storage with best-in-class TCO that is purpose-built to meet rigorous media workflow demands”, said Ben Leaver, CEO and Co-founder of pixitmedia. “Reliable, available, and energy efficient, Seagate data storage systems provide our customers with the freedom to innovate and empower them to collaborate while keeping assets perfectly secure.”

Breakthrough innovation for more sustainable storage
The new CORVAULT storage solution cuts e-waste, reduces operational costs, and slashes the overall power consumption of CPU, RAM, and networking resources in software-defined data center architecture by up to 50%. This is all enabled by Seagate breakthrough data protection technologies including Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) erasure coding combined with autonomous drive regeneration (ADR) to automatically renew hard drives on demand.

Exos CORVAULT’s groundbreaking technology provides a comprehensive high-capacity, secure, and reliable storage ideal for the data-hungry M&E industry,” said Melyssa Banda, vice president of storage solutions and services at Seagate. “Through ADAPT and ADR innovation, our latest storage solution reinforces our commitment to sustainability. Seagate is leading the way in minimizing electronic waste and environmental impact while maximizing resource efficiency to create a sustainable Datasphere and we are thrilled to be Social Impact Award finalists at IBC this year.

Solving M&E industry’s storage challenges
The proliferation of streaming services, growing media viewership and content resolution, together with reduced IT resources, costly archiving, constrained data flow, and security concerns, are a few of the key industry challenges Seagate’s storage portfolio addresses. From camera to cloud, Seagate is showcasing its complete storage portfolio at IBC. With its Exos storage systems and Lyve solutions & services, specifically designed for M&E businesses, the company is helping customers achieve ease of data flow, improve ubiquitous data availability, and achieve long-term cost predictability by staying in control of their data and budgets.​

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