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TechEagle Breaks Barriers with Historic Drone Delivery

by CIOAXIS Bureau

TechEagle Breaks Barriers with Historic Drone Delivery: Transforms Healthcare Access in Collaboration with AIIMS Rishikesh

TechEagle, innovator in on-demand drone delivery, achieved a groundbreaking milestone by completing one of the longest drone delivery flights in collaboration with AIIMS Rishikesh. This historic mission, aligned with the Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Yojna, successfully transported essential Tuberculosis (TB) medicine, showcasing the immense potential of drone technology in revolutionizing healthcare logistics.

The success of this mission in challenging hilly terrains was made possible with the unwavering support of the “Drone Didi” initiative under the PM’s scheme. This empowering initiative provides comprehensive training to women Self Help Groups (SHGs), enabling them to proficiently operate and monitor drones, thereby contributing to the empowerment of local communities.

During its flight from AIIMS Rishikesh to secluded regions like Chamba CHC and Hindolakhal PHC,, the drone adeptly navigated through complex terrains and elevations, achieving an impressive altitude gain of over 2.5 kilometers in a single 47 km journey. To put this feat into perspective, the same distance would take more than 4 hours by road. TechEagle’s Vertiplane X3 delivered the payload, including crucial TB medicines, in just 34 minutes, marking an incredible 8X improvement in speed compared to traditional road transport.

Vikram Singh Meena, TechEagle’s Founder and CEO, said, “This achievement aligns with the visionary goals of our Prime Minister, showcasing our commitment to scaling Drone operations in Uttarakhand. Overcoming challenging terrains, underscores our position as pioneers in innovative drone solutions. The transformative potential of drones in healthcare supply chains, enhancing accessibility in remote areas, is at the core of our dedication.

Professor Meenu Singh, Director of AIIMS Institute, said, “Successful completion of a trial on Thursday for vendor selection aimed at delivering medicines to remote hilly areas during emergencies through drones. Emphasising the visionary approach of Prime Minister Modi, Professor Singh revealed plans to establish a groundbreaking initiative called ‘Drone Didi’ under women empowerment. This innovative force will enable the regular provision of healthcare services through drone-based health services. The initiative will facilitate the delivery of diagnostic kits, medicines, blood samples, and more to CHC level hospitals, marking a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare accessibility in challenging terrains.

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