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Unicommerce Launches AI tool UniGPT for E-commerce Businesses

by CioAxis

Unicommerce has announced the launch of its pilot project, UniGPT. This generative AI platform will help to address the concerns of e-commerce sellers and provide assistance to businesses by answering their questions related to e-commerce selling.

UniGPT marks Unicommerce’s entry into the Artificial Intelligence space as the company continues to expand its range of solutions to support businesses in enabling their e-commerce and omnichannel retail operations. UniGPT aims to help sellers understand how they can leverage technology to ensure smooth e-commerce operations. At present, there are no charges to access this service.

This initiative aims to help current and potential users of Unicommerce’s technology quickly resolve questions about the effective use of technology and how Unicommerce’s solutions support the same. UniGPT will not only address specific concerns but may also offer insights into industry trends, empowering sellers to establish internal business goals.

With sustained efforts to contribute towards democratizing e-commerce for both large and small sellers across the country, UniGPT by Unicommerce may provide responses crafted out of the huge library of content created over a decade. This library of content includes technology support pages, annual industry reports that provide a playbook for e-commerce sellers along with streamlined workflows describing the usability of its products.

Kapil Makhija, MD and CEO of Unicommerce, talked about the product saying, “In this journey of enabling businesses, we are thrilled to launch a pilot of our first AI-enabled platform, UniGPT. ​It’s our initiative to empower businesses with a deeper understanding of technology for informed decision-making. The platform will also assist in facilitating faster resolutions of queries for our existing sellers. UniGPT marks another stride in our ongoing commitment to offer comprehensive ​​technology-powered support to businesses.

Unicommerce is India’s largest e-commerce enablement SaaS platform in the transaction processing layer in terms of revenue for the financial year concluded March 2022. The company’s suite of SaaS solutions enables end-to-end management of e-commerce operations for brands, retailers, marketplaces and logistics service providers. The company has a consistently growing Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and Revenue. As of the quarter ending September 2023, Unicommerce has achieved a 750 million+ Annual Transaction run-rate, serving over 3500 customers, managing 8000+ warehouses, and processing orders from 1900+ stores through its platform.

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