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Verint Unveils Next Evolution in Situation Management


Verint Systems, Inc.  announced enhancements to its Verint Situational Awareness Platform, including the incorporation of advanced solutions to help organizations gain comprehensive situational awareness while driving rapid incident response and enhanced field communications. This evolutionary situational awareness platform is designed to provide security executives and operators actionable intelligence and better insight by incorporating unified situation monitoring, dispatch and incident response, live field communications and real-time citizen input.

The Verint Situational Awareness Platform enables command-and-control operators to play a valued and active role in incident management and response by notifying users of emergency situations based on their location. Additionally, data from mobile devices can be sent to the command center, enabling the general public to report security concerns and issues in real-time in support of the overall well-being of the communities they live and work in. Using the Verint solution, first responders and security personnel can leverage the Actionable Intelligence® it provides to gain a better understanding and clearer picture of incidents through immediate information sharing in the field.

The extension of the Verint Situational Awareness Platform is transforming the way users engage with responders, field resources, other public safety stakeholders and the general public. It combines situational awareness with built-in dispatch and bi-directional information flow for continuous communication between citizens, intake operators, field resources and command center personnel, and allows responders to provide mobile reporting through video streaming and live images. This correlates information from multiple sources into a single platform for a unified view, enabling faster, more intelligent decision-making in routine and emergency events. Additionally, the solution can alert command-and-control operators from sensors and provide Geographical Information Science (GIS) mapping, live surveillance and other location information to help identify the closest resources to dispatch for more rapid, efficient response. Comprehensive incident reporting with multimedia options offers a further set of enhancements to support post-incident investigations.

Among the latest enhancements to the Verint Situational Awareness Platform are Dispatch Manager, Mobile Reporter, and Mobile Responder. These capabilities, along with Verint Situation Manager, work in conjunction to provide information through integration with intelligent sensors and data sources, including big data analysis, video surveillance and crowdsourcing.

Dispatch Manager functionality incorporates emergency dispatch into the Situational Awareness Platform, helping reduce emergency response time, while enhancing end-to-end communications throughout an incident, creating safer environments and optimizing incident management.

Mobile Reporter capabilities allow businesses, agencies and local citizens to share information directly from their smart devices, allowing multi-dimensional response and communication. Mobile Reporter also can send emergency notifications based on the location of the user.

Mobile Responder functionality relays critical information and multimedia data from an incident, providing field personnel with more real-time, accurate intelligence about an incident before arriving on-site.

“Verint continues as a pioneering force in the area of situational awareness, advancing capabilities to help organizations prepare for and address their most critical monitoring, dispatch and incident response, and field communications requirements,” says Steve Weller, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions™.

Adds Weller,“With the Verint Situational Awareness Platform, organizations can gain a unified view and stronger, more accurate insights to drive real-time communication, multi-agency collaboration and multi-directional response and employ a more proactive approach to security, safety and citizen engagement.”

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