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Writer Information Forges new Partnership with Seceon

by CioAxis

Writer Information forges new Partnership with Seceon to enhance cybersecurity offerings

Writer Information Management Services (Writer Information) announced its latest partnership with Seceon. This collaboration aims to address the evolving needs of businesses by offering advanced protection, detection, and response capabilities.

Seceon empowers Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to mitigate cyber threats effectively while streamlining security operations. By leveraging Seceon’s innovative Open Threat Management (OTM) platform, organisations can simplify their security infrastructure while enhancing their ability to identify and thwart threats on a large scale.

The Seceon platform comprises award-winning solutions such as aiSIEM, aiMSSP, and aiXDR, which augment and automate security services for MSPs and MSSPs. This partnership comes at a time when the demand for robust cybersecurity measures is at an all-time high, with malicious activities targeting cloud and IoT/OT environments on the rise.

We are delighted to embark on this new MSSP partnership with Seceon,” stated Satyamohan Yanambaka, CEO, Writer Information. “Seceon’s solution perfectly aligns with our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of CIOs and CISOs in today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the Seceon team to drive mutual success.”

Commenting on the partnership, Lalit Shinde, Chief Revenue Officer, Seceon, expressed enthusiasm about expanding their global reach through Writer Information. “Seceon is dedicated to providing seamless security coverage across the expanded attack surface, including remote work, IoT, OT, and cloud environments,” said Shinde. “Our platform, powered by AI and ML models, enables SOC teams to operate with efficiency, offering reliable detections and alerts based on behavioural analysis and correlation engines.”

The partnership between Writer Information and Seceon signifies a significant step towards bolstering cybersecurity resilience for businesses worldwide. Together, they aim to empower organisations with cutting-edge solutions to combat emerging cyber threats effectively.

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